Psalms Devotions 2

Psalms 41 - 84

Psalms Devotions 2 is a continuation of a series of devotions from the Psalms beginning with Psalm 41 and continuing to Psalm 84.

In going through the Psalms I have used many resources to gain insight into particular writers or the circumstances surrounding the writing of a particular Psalm. We are so very privileged to be living in the 21st century where so many good resources abound. One of my favorite resources is the Treasury of David by Charles Haddon Spurgeon, a nineteenth century English preacher. In reading his biography, we discover that he was just a normal person like you and me, struggling with the same issues of life that we do. Here is a quote from his biography illustrating the fight with temptations such as we face in this day.

"I must confess," he says, "that I never would have been saved if I could have helped it. As long as ever I could, I rebelled, and revolted, and struggled against God. When He would have me pray, I would not pray, and when He would have me listen to the sound of the ministry, I would not. And when I heard, and the tear rolled down my cheek, I wiped it away and defied Him to melt my soul. But long before I began with Christ, He began with me."

I hope you are blessed by the reading of these devotionals in Psalms Devotions 2 even half as much as I was blessed in writing them. 

May God be glorified above all names,

God Bless You,

Psalm 41

Psalm 42

Psalm 43

Psalm 44

Psalm 45

Psalm 46

Psalm 47

Psalm 48

Psalm 49 

Psalm 50 

Psalm 51 

Psalm 52 

Psalm 53 

Psalm 54 

Psalm 55 

Psalm 56 

Psalm 57 

Psalm 58 

Psalm 59 

Psalm 60 

Psalm 61 

Psalm 62 

Psalm 63 

Psalm 64 

Psalm 65 

Psalm 66 

Psalm 67 

Psalm 68 

Psalm 69 

Psalm 70 

Psalm 71 

Psalm 72 

Psalm 73 

Psalm 74 

Psalm 75 

Psalm 76 

Psalm 77 

Psalm 78 

Psalm 79 

Psalm 80 

Psalm 81 

Psalm 82 

Psalm 83 

Psalm 84

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