Bible Couples

Bible Couples looks at couples mentioned in the Bible--some married, some related in other ways, and some just friends, and are suitable for teen devotions as well as devotions for women.


He who finds a wife finds a good thing,
And obtains favor from the Lord.

Proverbs 18:22, NKJV

When I first did a section of devotions on "Bible Couples," they were a part of my teen devotions. I have discovered through the years that this is a very popular page. So, I have decided to return to this topic. I hope to include not only married couples, but also those who have been paired together for other reasons. For example, Deborah and Barak were not married, but they appear together in the narrative so that we do not generally think of one without thinking of the other. So, I would also like to include some that do not fall into the normal category of "couples" as we think of them. Please let me know what you think. I would be happy to include some others if you would like to send your requests to me.

It is now the summer of 2016. So, check back frequently as I hope to be adding two or three devotionals to this section each week.

Thanks for reading my website. May God glorify our efforts to serve Him and praise Him in all that we do.

God Bless You,


Bible Couples

Abraham and Sarah

One devotional on Abraham and Sarah is just not nearly enough. Even with the six devotionals shown, we hardly seem to scratch the surface as we see how God worked with this extraordinary couple. Though most of us reading these devotionals are not of Jewish descent, we must remember that, as believers, we are part of the spiritual descendants of Abraham, fulfilling God's promise to Abraham that his descendants would number as the sands in the seas or the stars in the skies.

     Barren Woman

     Gods Plan for Me 


     Laughing at God

     Trouble in Paradise 

     Death of Sarah

Adam and Eve

How can Adam and Eve not hold a place dear to our hearts? Through their sin, sin and devastation entered into the human race. However, who of us can criticize, for if it had been us, we would have done the same thing. Praise God that, as His children, we have a Redeemer who became the second Adam, and through whom our guilt has been cast away forever.

Esther and the King

I have actually written an entire series of devotions from the Book of Esther, so I am not going to write an additional devotional here. I would encourage you to look through the Book of Esther devotionals. I really enjoyed writing that series and hope you will take the time to look through them.

Ruth and Boaz

No series of devotionals on Bible Couples would be complete without some devotions on Ruth and Boaz. I have already done a series on the Book of Ruth, so I would encourage you to go there. It was a study I especially enjoyed doing and I hope you will read it and be encouraged as well.

This section is a work in progress. Keep checking back as new devotions will be added frequently. Links that do not take you to the appropriate page will do so when that page is ready.Thanks for visiting,

Bible Couples 

Abraham and Sarah

Adam and Eve

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