Methodist Theologians

Our Online Christian Library continues with Methodist Theologians including methodist sermons and the works of such men as John and Charles Wesley. Included also is a large section on Methodist history, and information regarding Methodist hymns.

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The links to these pages contain many interesting and varied works from among many familiar and some less familiar Methodists from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Included are Methodist sermons, information regarding Methodist history, Methodist Episcopals, and Wesleyan Methodists. As in other denominations, Methodist beliefs often varied in particulars, but the basic tenets of the Methodist faith at that time were very similar. 

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One work of note is a presentation of the Discourse delivered at the occasion of the funeral of Abraham Lincoln, by John McClintock. At the request of several men for a written copy of of the discourse, the following is the reply made by Rev. McClintock.


The Discourse was delivered extempore. As I am just about to leave town, it is impossible for me to write it out; but one of the reporters for the daily press, Mr. Butts, has sent me his notes, which, though not taken with a view to publication, are yet tolerably ample. I have hastily revised them, and herewith submit them to you.

Very truly,

        J. McClintock

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