Psalms Devotions 3

Psalms 85 - 118

Psalms Devotions 3 continues a series of Psalms Devotions beginning with Psalm 85 and ending with Psalm 118.

These devotions, which were originally published in my Daily Bible Devotions blog, are meant to challenge and encourage you in your Christian walk. They are not theological in nature as I will leave that to Pastors and Ministers of the Word who are charged with that duty. 

One of the supreme challenges for Christians today is to figure out how to live a Godly life in a very ungodly world. If you receive half the blessing reading them as I did in writing them, then you will find yourself blessed by God and it will be well worth your time to read them.I welcome your comments and encouragement; please add your comments on the Daily Bible Devotion site as I know they will be a help and an encouragement to us all. If the comment is just meant for me, I will not publish it for others to read.God Bless You,

Psalm 85 

Psalm 86 

Psalm 87 

Psalm 88 

Psalm 89 

Psalm 90 

Psalm 91 

Psalm 92 

Psalm 93 

Psalm 94 

Psalm 95 

Psalm 96 

Psalm 97 

Psalm 98 

Psalm 99 

Psalm 100 

Psalm 101 

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Psalm 114 

Psalm 115 

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Psalm 117 

Psalm 118

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