Reformed Beliefs

Our Online Christian Library continues with Reformed Beliefs including authors from 1500's to the 1900's. This category includes, but is not limited to,  Presbyterians, Dutch Reformed, Congregationalists, French Reformed, Swiss Reformed, German Reformed, and Reformed Baptists.

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Reformed Beliefs

Reformed Beliefs is a work in progress. Please keep checking back, as there are many more items to add to this page. It is a huge category - most of the letter of the alphabet shown above will be used. Also, please check our Online Christian Library page to find other religious groups represented.



Reformed Beliefs A

Abbadie, Jacques (Anglican) (1654-1727)

Abbot, Ezra (1819-1884)

Abbot, George (Anglican) (1562-1633)

Abbot, Robert (Anglican) (1560-1617)

Abbott, Jacob (Brother of John S.C.) (Congregationalist) (1803-1879)

Abbott, John Stephen Cabot (Brother of Jacob) (Congregationalist) (1805-1877)

Abernethy, John (Presbyterian) (1680-1740)

Adam, Thomas (Anglican) (1701-1784)

Adams, Amos (1727-1775)

Addison, Lancelot (Anglican) (1632-1703)

Adger, John Bailey (Presbyterian) (1810-1899)

Agnew, John Holmes (1804-1865)

Aiken, Charles Augustus (Independent, Presbyterian) (1827-1892)

Aiton, Thomas (Presbyterian) (fl. 1720-1739)

Alden, Joseph (Presbyterian) (1807-1885)

Alexander, Archibald (Father of James Waddel) (Presbyterian-Old School) (1772-1851)

Alexander, James Waddel (Son of Archibald) (Presbyterian-Old School) (1804-1859) 

Alexander, John (Presbyterian) (1686-1743)

Alexander, Joseph Addison (Son of Archibald) (Presbyterian-Old School) (1809-1860)

Alexander, Samuel Davies (Presbyterian) (1819-1894)

Alexander, William Lindsay (Independent, Presbyterian) (1808-1884)

Allinga, Petrus (Dutch Reformed) (1658-1692)

Allix, Pierre (French Reformed) (1641-1717))

Alpen, Heinrich Simon von (?-?)

American Preachers (1620-1791)

American Tract Society (Inter-Denominational) (1825)

Amory, Thomas (English Dissenting) (1701-1774)

Anderson, Isaac (Presbyterian) (1780-1857)

Anderson, James (Presbyterian) (1680-1739)

Anderson, James (Presbyterian) (1804-1863)

Anderson, John (Presbyterian) (1668-1721)

Anderson, John (Presbyterian) (1748-1830)

Anderson, John (Presbyterian) (1823-1908)

Anderson, Matthew (Presbyterian) (1847-1913)

Anderson, Robert (Anderson) (?-1843)

Anderson, Sir Robert (Presbyterian) (1841-1918)

Anderson, Rufus (Congregationalist) (1796-1880)

Andrewes, Lancelot (Anglican) (1555-1626)

Apollonius, Willem (Presbyterian) (1602-1657)

Aretius, Benedictus (Swiss Reformed) (1505-1574)

Armstrong, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1845-1897)

Arthur, Michael (Presbyterian) (?-?)

Ashe, Simeon (English Nonconformist) (?-1662)

Ashmead, William (Presbyterian) (1797-1829)

Askew, Egeon Acton (Anglican) (1576-1637)

Aspinwall, William (Various Independent Sects) (1605-1662)

Atwater, Lyman Hotchkiss (Presbyterian) (1813-1883)

 Reformed Beliefs B

Babcock, Maltbie Davenport (Presbyterian) (1858-1901)

Bacon, Henry Martyn (Presbyterian) (1827-1894)

Bacon, Thomas Scott (1825-1904)

Bacon, William (Presbyterian) (1789-1863)

Baillie, Robert (Presbyterian) (1602-1662)

Baird, Charles Washington (Presbyterian) (1828-1887)

Baird, Henry Martyn (Son of Robert Baird) (Presbyterian) (1832-1906)

Baird, Robert (Presbyterian) (1798-1863)

Baird Samuel John (Presbyterian) (1817-1893)

Baker, Abijah Richardson (Congregationalist) (1805-1876)

Baker, Daniel (Presbyterian) (1791-1857)

Balbani, Niccolo (Pastor of Reformed Italian Church in Geneva) (1522-1587)

Balcanquhall, Walter (Anglican) (1586-1645)

Balch, Thomas Bloomer (Presbyterian or Methodist Protestant) (1793-1878)

Bale, John (Anglican) (1495-1563)

Balfour, Robert Gordon (Presbyterian) (1826-1905)

Bannerman, David Douglas (Presbyterian) (1842-1903)

Bannerman, James (Presbyterian) (1807-1868)

Barlass, William (Presbyterian) (1752-1817)

Barlow, Thomas (Anglican) (1607-1691)

Barnes, Albert (Presbyterian-New School) (1798-1870)

Barnes, Annie Maria (1852-?)

Barnes, Annie Maria (Methodist) (1857-?)

Barnett, John Morrison (Presbyterian) (1826-?)

Barr, John (Presbyterian) (1749-1831)

Bates, Herbert Roswell (Presbyterian) (1870-1913)

Bausman, Benjamin (German Reformed) (1824-1909)

Bavinck, Herman (Dutch Reformed) (1854-1921)

Beaton, Donald (Presbyterian) (1872-)

Beattie, Francis Robert (Presbyterian) (1848-1906)

Beausobre, Isaac (French Huguenot) (1659-1738) 

Bedford, Thomas (Anglican) (?-1653)

Bedinger, Robert Dabney (Presbyterian) (1885-1970)

Beecher, Lyman (Presbyterian-New School) (1775-1863)

Beets, Henry (Christian Reformed) (1869-1947)

Begg, James (Free Church of Scotland - Presbyterian) (1808-1883)

Bellamy, Joseph (Congregationalist) (1719-1790)

Benefield, Sebastian (Anglican) (1559-1630)

Bengel, Johann Albrecht (Lutheran) (1687-1752)

Bennet, Benjamin (Presbyterian) (1674-1726)

Benson, Louis FitzGerald (Presbyterian) (1855-1930)

Berkhof, Louis (Christian Reformed) (1873-1957)

Bernard, Nicholas (Anglican) (1600-1661)

Bethune, George Washington (Reformed Protestant Dutch or R. C. A.) (1805-1862)

Beveridge, William (Anglican) (1637-1708)

Bible Translations

Bible Presbyterian Church

Bilson, Thomas (Anglican) (1547-1616)

Binning, Hugh (Presbyterian) (1627-1653)

Bird, Isaac (1793-1876)

Blackadder, John (Presbyterian) (1622-1685)

Blackburn, William Maxwell (Presbyterian) (1828-1898)

Blackwell, Thomas (Senior) (Presbyterian) (1660-1728)

Blagden, George Washington (Congregationalist) (1802-1884)

Blaikie, William Garden (1820-1899)

Blair, Hugh (Great Grandson of Robert) (Presbyterian-New School) (1718-1800)

Blair, John Durburrow (Presbyterian) (1759-1823)

Blair, Robert (Presbyterian) (1593-1666)

Blair, Robert (Grandson of Robert) (1699-1746)

Blake, Caroline L. (Presbyterian) (?-?)

Blake Thaddeus Constantine (Presbyterian) (1825-1896)

Blatchford, Samuel (Presbyterian) (1767-1828)

Blondel, David (French Huguenot) (1591-1655)

Boardman, Henry Augustus (Presbyterian) (1808-1880)

Boehm, Johann Philipp (German Reformed) (1683-1749)

Boggs, William E. (1838-1920)

Bogue, David (English Nonconformist Congregationalist) (1750-1825)

Bonar, Andrew Alexander (Free Church of Scotland) (1810-1892)

Bonar, Horatius (Free Church of Scotland) (1808-1889)

Bonar, John (Church of Scotland) (1721-1761)

Boston, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1676-1732)

Bostwick, David (Presbyterian) (1721-1763)

Bower, Archibald (Roman Catholic – Anglican – Roman Catholic) (1686-1766)

Boudinot, Elias (Presbyterian) (1740-1821)

Bowen, George (Methodist Missionary to India) (1816-1888)

Boyd, James Robert (Presbyterian) (1804-1890)

Boyd, Mary D. R. (Presbyterian) (?-?)

Bradbury, Thomas (English Congregationalist) (1677-1759)

Brainerd, David (Presbyterian – Missionary to the Native American Indians) (1718-1747)

Brainerd, John (Presbyterian – Missionary to the Native American Indians) (1720-1781)

Brakel, Wilhelmus à (Dutch Reformed) (1635-1711)

Breckinridge, John (Presbyterian) (1797-1841)

Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson (Grandfather of Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield) (Presbyterian) (1800-1871)

Breed, William Pratt (Presbyterian) (1816-1889)

Brekell, John (Presbyterian) (1697-1769)

Brevint, Daniel (Anglican) (1616-1695)

Briggs, Charles Augustus (Presbyterian {Excommunicated for Liberal Theology} – Protestant Episcopal) (1841-1913)

Brinsley, John Jr. (Anglican – Ejected in 1662) (1600-1665)

Brodhead, Jacob (Father) (Dutch Reformed – R. C. A.) (1782-1855)

Brodhead, John Romeyn (Son) (Dutch Reformed – R. C. A.) (1814-1873)

Brodie, Alexander (1617-1680)

Brown, Allen Henry (Presbyterian) (1820-1907)

Brown, Arthur Judson (Presbyterian) (1856-1963)

Brown, Charles (Presbyterian) (1805-1896)

Brown, David (Free Church of Scotland) (1803-1897), Fausset, Andrew Robert (Anglican) (1821-1910), Jamieson, Robert (Presbyterian) (1802-1880)

Brown, James Moore (Presbyterian) (1799-1862)

Brown, John (Presbyterian) (Grandson of John Brown of Haddington) (1784-1858)

Brown, John of Haddington (Scottish Secession Church) (1722-1787)

Brown, John of Wamphray (Presbyterian) (1610-1679)

Brown, John of Whitburn (1754-1832)

Brown, Joseph (Presbyterian) (1837-1918)

Brown, Mary Crawford (Presbyterian) (1867-1918)

Brown, Tarleton (1757-1845)

Bruce, Archibald (Presbyterian) (1746-1815)

Bruce, Robert (Presbyterian) (1554-1631)

Bruce, Robert (Presbyterian) (1778-1846)

Bruen, Matthias (Presbyterian) (1793-1829)

Bryant, Jacob (1715-1804)

Bryce, George (Presbyterian) (1844-1931)

Buchanan, George (Anglican or Presbyterian) (1506-1582)

Buchanan, Robert (Presbyterian) (1802-1875)

Buck, Charles (Anglican) (1771-1815)

Buist, George (Presbyterian) (1770-1808)

Bull, Henry (Anglican) (1520-1575)

Bullion, Alexander (Presbyterian) (?-?)

Burges, Cornelius (Anglican – Presbyterian) (1589-1665)

Burgess, Daniel (Presbyterian) (1645-1713)

Burn, Andrew (Presbyterian) (1742-1814)

Burney, S. C. (Presbyterian) (?-?)

Burns, Elizabeth Bell (Presbyterian) (1811-1882)

Burns, Robert (Presbyterian) (1789-1869) 

Burr, Enoch Fitch (Congregationalist) (1818-1907)

Burrell, David James (Presbyterian) (1844-1925)

Reformed Beliefs C

Calfhill, James (Anglican) (1529-1570)

Caird, John (Church of Scotland - Presbyterian) (1820-1898)

Cairns, John (Presbyterian) (1818-1892)

Calamy, Benjamin (Anglican) (1646-1685)

Calder, Robert (Anglican) (1659-1723)

Calderwood, David (Presbyterian) (1575-1650)

Caldwell, Joseph (Presbyterian) (1773-1835)

Cameron, John (Anglican) (1579-1625)

Campbell, Archibald (Presbyterian) (1691-1756)

Campbell, Daniel (Presbyterian) (1665-1772)

Campbell, George (Presbyterian) (1719-1796)

Campbell, James Robinson (Presbyterian) (1800-1864)

Campbell, Joseph (Presbyterian) (1776-1840)

Candlish, Robert Smith (Presbyterian) (1806-1873)

Cannon, James Spencer (Dutch Reformed - R.C.A.) (1776-1852)

Cant, Andrew (Presbyterian) (1590-1663)

Cargill, Donald (Presbyterian) (1619-1681)

Carleton, George (Anglican) (1559-1628)

Carlyle, Alexander (Presbyterian) (1722-1805)

Carmichael, Frederick (Presbyterian) (1708-1751)

Carne, John (Anglican) (1789-1844)

Carne, Robert Harkness (Independent) (1784-1844)

Carroll, Bartholomew Rivers (?-?)

Carrothers, Julia D. (Presbyterian) (1845-1914)

Carruthers, John (Presbyterian) (?-1866)

Carruthers, William (Presbyterian) (1830-1922)

Casaubon, Isaac (Father of Meric) (French Huguenot-Anglican) (1559-1614)

Casaubon, Meric (Son of Isaac) (Anglican) (1599-1671)

Casseday, Jennie (Presbyterian) (1840-1893)

Cassels, Samuel Jones (Presbyterian) (1806-1853)

Cavalier, Jean (French Huguenot) (1681-1740)

Cawdry (or Cawdrey), Daniel (Anglican? - Presbyterian-Ejected in 1662) (1588-1664)

Cent, Nehemia (Pseudonym?) (Anglican?) (fl. 1650-?)

Chalmers, Thomas (Presbyterian - Free Church of Scotland) (1780-1847)

Chapman, John Wilbur (Presbyterian) (1859-1918)

Cheynell, Francis (Anglican - holding Presbyterian views) (1608-1655)

Childs, Thomas Spencer (Presbyterian) (1825-1914)

Chiniquy, Charles (Presbyterian) (1809-1899)

Christian Reformed Church in North America

Christmas, Joseph Stibbs (Presbyterian) (1803-1830)

Church of England

Church of Scotland

Clark, Daniel Atkinson (Presbyterian or Congregationalist) (1779-1840)

Clarke, John (Congregationalist) (1755-1798)

Clarke, Samuel (English Non-Conformist - Presbyterian) (1684-1750)

Claude, Jean (French Huguenot) (1619-1687)

Clegg, James (Presbyterian) (1679-1755)

Cleland, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1778-1858)

Clokey, Joseph Waddell (Presbyterian) (1839-1919)

Clow, William Maccallum (Presbyterian) (1853-1930)

Cochran, Isaac Williams (Presbyterian) (1841-1887)

Cochrane, William (Presbyterian) (1831-1898)

Cockburn, Melville N. (Presbyterian) (?-?)

Cocke, Alonzo Rice (Presbyterian) (1858-1901)

Colman, Benjamin (Congregationalist) (1673-1747)

Coleman, Lyman (Congregationalist) (1796-1882)

Coleman, Thomas (Anglican) (1597-1646)

Collinges, John (Presbyterian) (1623-1690)

Colquhoun, John (Presbyterian) (1748-1826)

Colville, William (Presbyterian?) (?-1675)

Comenius, Johann Amos (Moravian) (1592-1670)

Compton, Henry (Anglican) (1632-1713)

Conant, John (Anglican) (1608-1694)

Conder, John (Independent) (1714-1781)

Cooper, Thomas (Anglican) (1517-1594)

Cooper, William (1694-1743)

Corbet, Edward (Anglican) (1601-1658)

Corbet, John (Anglican?) (1620-1680)

Coulter, David (Presbyterian) (1808-1878)

Coverdale, Miles (Anglican) (1488-1569)

Cowan, Henry (Presbyterian) (1844-1932)

Cowper, William (Evangelical) (1731-1800)

Cox, Samuel Hanson (Father) (Presbyterian) (1793-1880)

Coxe, Arthur Cleveland (Son) (Episcopal) (1818-1896)

Cradock, Samuel (Presbyterian) (1620-1706)

Craig, John (Presbyterian) (1512-1600)

Craighead, James Geddes (Presbyterian) (1823-1895)

Crakanthorpe, Richard (Anglican) (1567-1624)

Cranz, David (Brethren) (1723-1777)

Craufurd, Thomas (Anglican or Presbyterian) (?-1662)

Crenius or Crusius, Thomas Theodorus (Dorotheus Sicurus-Pseudonym) (1648-1728)

Croft, George (Anglican) (1747-1809)

Croft, William (Anglican) (1678-1727)

Crooke, Samuel (Anglican) (1575-1649)

Crosby, Arthur (Presbyterian) (1847-1915)

Crosby, Howard (Presbyterian) (1826-1891)

Croskery, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1830-1886)

Cross, Jonathan (Presbyterian) (?-1876)

Cudworth, Ralph (Anglican) (1617-1688)

Cummins, George David (Reformed Episcopal) (1822-1876)

Cunningham, William (Presbyterian) (1805-1861)

Curtis, Thomas (fl. 1820)

Cuyler, Theodore Ledyard (Presbyterian) (1822-1909)

Reformed Beliefs D

Dabney, Robert Lewis (Presbyterian) (1820-1898)

Daille, Jean (French Huguenot) (1594-1670)

Dale, James Wilkinson (Presbyterian) (1812-1881)

Dalgliesh, William (1773-1807)

Dallas, James Maxwell (Presbyterian) (1861-1942)

Dalrymple, James (Anglican possibly sometime Presbyterian) (1619-1695)

Davenant, John (Anglican) (1572-1641)

Davidson, Robert (Presbyterian) (1750-1812)

Davidson, William (Presbyterian) (1817-1875)

Davies, Samuel (Presbyterian) (1723-1761)

Davis, John Angell (Presbyterian) (?-1897)

Davis, John D. (Presbyterian) (1854-1926)

Davis, Joseph R. (Presbyterian) (1853-1884)

De Forest, John Hyde (1844-1911)

De Ronde, Lambertus (Dutch Reformed - R.C.A.) (1720-1795)

De Witt, John (Presbyterian) (1842-1923)

Delaune, William (Anglican) (1659-1728)

Delitzsch, Franz (Lutheran) (1813-1890)

Demarest, John Terhune (Dutch Reformed - R.C.A) (1813-1897)

Denison, Stephen (Anglican) (fl. 1622-1649)

Derodon, David (French Reformed - Huguenot) (1600-1664)

D'Huisseau, Isaac (1607-1672)

Dick, John (Presbyterian) (1764-1833)

Dickinson, Jonathan (1663-1722)

Dickinson, Jonathan (Presbyterian) (1688-1747)

Dickinson, Richard William (Presbyterian) (1804-1874)

Dickson, Andrew Flinn (Presbyterian-Old School) (1825-1879)

Dickson, David (Presbyterian) (1583-1663)

Dickson, David (Presbyterian) (1754-1820)

Dickson, William Steel (Presbyterian) (1744-1824)

Dimmick, Francis Marion (Presbyterian) (1827-1900)

Dimmick, Luther Fraseur (Congregationalist) (1790-1860)

Dod, Albert Baldwin (Presbyterian) (1805-1845)

Doddridge, Philip (English Non-Conformist) (1702-1751)

Dods, Marcus (Father) (Presbyterian) (1786-1838)

Dods, Marcus (Son) (Presbyterian) (1834-1909)

Donnell, George (Presbyterian) (1801-1845)

Donnell, Robert (Presbyterian) (1784-1855)

Dosker, Henry Elias (Presbyterian) (1855-1926)

Douglas, John Donald (Presbyterian) (1854-1886)

Downame, George (Older Brother of John) (Anglican) (1560-1634)

Drelincourt, Charles (French Reformed - Huguenot) (1595-1669)

Drennan, America Missouri McCutchen (Presbyterian) (1830-1903)

Drummond, Alex A. (Presbyterian) (fl. 1861-1893)

Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste (French Reformed - Huguenot) (1544-1590)

Du Bosc, Pierre (French Reformed - Huguenot) (1623-1692)

Du Moulin, Peter (Son of Pierre) (Anglican) (1601-1684)

Du Moulin, Pierre (Father of Peter) (French Reformed - Huguenot) (1568-1658)

DuBose, Hampden Colt (Presbyterian) (1845-1910)

Duff, Alexander (Presbyterian) (1806-1878)

Duffield, George (Presbyterian) (1794-1868)

Duffield, George (Presbyterian) (1818-1888)

Duffield, John Thomas (Presbyterian) (1823-1901)

Duncan, Fannie Casseday (Presbyterian) (1844-1936)

Duncan, Henry (Presbyterian) (1774-1846)

Duncan, John (Presbyterian) (1796-1870)

Durham, James (Presbyterian) (1622-1658)

Dury, John, Presbyterian or possibly Anglican) (1596-1680)

Dutch American History

Dutch Reformed Church

Dutch Reformed Church of America

Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa

Dwight, Sereno Edwards (Son of Timothy IV) (Congregationalist) (1786-1850)

Dwight, Timothy IV (Father of Sereno) (Congregationalist) (1752-1817)

Reformed Beliefs E

Eadie, John (Presbyterian) (1810-1876)

Eaton, Samuel John Mills (Presbyterian) (1820-1889)

Ebrard, Johannes Heinrich August (German Reformed) (1818-1888)

Eddy, Ansel Doane (Presbyterian) (1798-1875)

Edersheim, Alfred (Jewish Convert) (Presbyterian) (1825-1889)

Edgar, Andrew (Presbyterian) (1831-1890)

Edgar, John (Presbyterian) (1798-1866)

Edward, Robert (Presbyterian or Anglican) (1616-1696)

Edwards, Bela Bates (1802-1852)

Edwards, Charles Eugene (Presbyterian) (?-?)

Edwards, John (Anglican or Presbyterian) (1637-1716)

Edwards, Jonathan (Congregationalist – later preferring Presbyterian) (1703-1758)

Edwards, Thomas (Puritan with Presbyterian sympathies) (1599-1647)

Edwards, Tryon (Great-Grandson of Jonathan) (Congregationalist) (1809-1894)

Egerton, Francis Henry, 8th Earl of Bridgewater (Anglican) (1756-1829)

Elders of the Church

Elliot, David (Presbyterian) (1787-1874)

Engles, William Morrison (Presbyterian) (1797-1867)

Erastus, Thomas (Swiss Reformed) (1524-1583)

Erskine, Ebenezer (Brother of Ralph) (Presbyterian) (1680-1754)

Erskine, John (Father) (Presbyterian) (1695-1768)

Erskine, John (Son) (Presbyterian) (1721-1803)

Erskine, Ralph (Brother of Ebenezer) (Presbyterian) (1685-1752)

Estwick, Nicholas (1584-1658)

Estye, George (Anglican) (1560-1601)

Evans, John (Congregationalist – Presbyterian) (1679-1730)

Evans, Llewelyn Ioan (Presbyterian) (1833-1892)

Evans, Lovisa (Methodist Episcopal) (1783-1837)

Ewing, Finis (Presbyterian) (1773-1841)

Ewing, John (Presbyterian) (1732-1802)

Reformed Beliefs F

Fairbairn, Partick (Presbyterian) (1805-1874)

Fawcett, Benjamin (English Dissenting – Congregationalist) (1715-1780)

Ferguson, Robert (Presbyterian) (1637-1714)

Fergusson, James (Presbyterian or Anglican) (1621-1667)

Ferme, Charles (Presbyterian) (1565-1617)

Field, Richard (Anglican) (1561-1616)

Finch, Henry (Anglican) (?-1625)

Findlay, Robert (Presbyterian) (1721-1814)

Findley, William (1741-1821)

Finley, Robert (Presbyterian) (1772-1817)

Fisher, Edward (Anglican) (fl. 1627-1655)

Fisher, James (Presbyterian) (1697-1775)

Fisher, Samuel (Presbyterian-New School) (1777-1856)

Fisher, Samuel Reed (German Reformed) (1810-1881)

Fitch, Ebenezer (Presbyterian) (1756-1833)

Fleetwood, John (Anglican) (fl. 1725-1775)

Fleming, Robert (the elder) (Presbyterian) (1630-1694)

Fleming, Robert (the younger) (Presbyterian) (1660-1716)

Flickinger, Robert Elliott (Presbyterian) (1846-1937)

Flint, Robert (Presbyterian) (1838-1910)

Foote, William Henry (Presbyterian) (1794-1869)

Forbes, Duncan (Anglican?) (1685-1747)

Forbes, John (1568-1634) (Presbyterian or Anglican) (Uncle)

Forbes, John (Anglican?) (1593-1648) (Nephew)

Forbes, Patrick (Anglican) (1564-1635)

Ford, David Barnes (Baptist) (1820-1903)

Ford, John (Presbyterian) (1787-1872)

Fordyce, James (Presbyterian) (1720-1796)

Formey, Johann Heinrich Samuel French Reformed – Huguenot) (1741-1797)

Forrester, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1635-1706)

Foster, Robert Verrall (Presbyterian) (1845-1914)

Foxcroft, John (Anglican – Puritan) (1595-1662)

Foxcroft, Thomas (Congregationalist) (1697-1769)

Fraser, Alexander (Presbyterian) (1749-1802)

Fraser, Donald (Presbyterian) (1783-1836)

Fraser, Donald (Presbyterian) (1826-1892)

Fraser, Donald Allan (Presbyterian) (1793-1845)

Fraser, James (Presbyterian) (1700-1769)

Fraser, James (of Brea) (Presbyterian) (1639-1699)

Fraser, John (Presbyterian) (1882-1945)

Fraser, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1791-1884)

Free Churches

Freeman, Kate Benedict (Presbyterian) (1841-1870)

Frelinghuysen, Theodorus Jacobus (Dutch Reformed – R.C.A.) (1692-1747)

Fuller, Thomas (Anglican) (1608-1661)

Fullwood, Francis (Anglican) (?-1693)

Reformed Beliefs G

Galbraith, Robert Christy (Presbyterian) (1832-?)

Gammon, Samuel Rhea (Presbyterian) (fl. 1899-1909)

Ganse, Hervey Doddridge (Dutch Reformed – R.C.A.) (1822-1891)

Garden, James (1647-1726)

Garnier, Jean (French Reformed – Huguenot) (?-1574)

Gastrell, Francis (Anglican) (1662-1725)

Gataker, Thomas (Anglican) (1574-1654)

Gaussen, Francois Samuel Robert Louis (Swiss Reformed) (1790-1863)

Geary, Edward Ratchford (Presbyterian) (1811-1886)

Geaves, William (fl. 1659-1679)

Geddes, William (1630-1694)

Geddie, John (Presbyterian) (1815-1872)

Gell, Robert (Anglican) (1595-1665)

George, James (Presbyterian) (1800-1870)

Gerard, Alexander (Presbyterian) (1728-1795)

Geree, John (Anglican – leaned toward Puritan or Presbyterian Views) (1600-1649)

Gerhard, Calvin Siebert (Reformed Church in the United States) (1845-1902)

German Reformed Church (The Reformed Church in the United States)

Gib, Adam (Presbyterian) (1714-1788)

Gibbons, Hughes Oliphant (Presbyterian) (1843-1910)

Gibson, William (Presbyterian) (1808-1867)

Gill, William (Anglican) (1813-1878)

Gillespie, George (Presbyterian) (1613-1648)

Gillespie, Patrick (Presbyterian) (1617-1675)

Gillett, Ezra Hall (Presbyterian) (1823-1875)

Gillies, John (Son-in-Law of Alexander McLaurin) (Presbyterian) (1712-1796)

Girardeau, John Lafayette (Presbyterian) (1825-1898)

Glas, John (Presbyterian – then Independent or Non-Denominational) (1695-1773)

Glendy, John (Presbyterian) (1755-1832)

Goad, Thomas (Anglican) (1576-1638)

Godwyn, Thomas (Anglican) (1587-1643)

Goldie, Hugh (Presbyterian) (?-1891)

Good, James Isaac (American Reformed Church – Reformed Church in the United States) (1850-1924)

Goodman, Christopher (Anglican – Non Conformist Calvinist) (1519-1602)

Gordon, James (Presbyterian) (1615-1686)

Gordon, Joseph (Presbyterian) (1819-1857)

Gordon, William Robert (Reformed Protestant Dutch Church – R.C.A.) (1811-1897)

Graham, William (Presbyterian) (1810-1883)

Gray, Andrew (Presbyterian) (1633-1656)

Green, Ashbel (Presbyterian) (1762-1848)

Green, Lewis Warner (Presbyterian) (1806-1863)

Griffin, Edward Dorr (Congregationalist) (1770-1837)

Griffith, Matthew (Anglican) (1599-1665)

Grindal, Edmund (Anglican) (1519-1583)

Grosvenor, Benjamin (Presbyterian) (1676-1758)

Grout, Henry Martyn (?-?)

Grout, Lewis (Presbyterian) (1815-1905)

Grove, Henry (English Non Conformist) (1684-1738)

Guild, William (Anglican – Presbyterian?) (1586-1657)

Gurley, Ralph Randolph (Presbyterian) (1797-1872)

Guthrie, James (Presbyterian) (1612-1661)

Guthrie, John (Presbyterian) (1632-1699)

Guthrie, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1803-1873)

Guthrie, William (Presbyterian – Puritan) (1620-1665)

Reformed Beliefs H

Haldane, Robert (Presbyterian) (1764-1842)

Hale, George (Presbyterian) (1812-1888)

Hale, Sir Matthew (Anglican) (1609-1676)

Hall, Edwin (Presbyterian) (1802-1877)

Hall, James (Presbyterian) (1744-1826)

Hall, John (Anglican) (1627-1656)

Hall, John (Presbyterian) (1806-1894)

Hall, Joseph (Anglican) (1574-1656)

Hall, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1610-1665)

Halsey, Leroy Jones (Presbyterian) (1812-1896)

Halyburton, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1674-1712)

Hamilton, James (Presbyterian) (1814-1867)

Hammond, Edward Payson (Presbyterian) (1831-1910)

Hanna, Thomas Beveridge (Presbyterian) (1828-1852)

Happer, Andrew Patton (Presbyterian) (1818-1894)

Harbaugh, Henry (German Reformed) (1817-1867)

Hardy, Nathaniel (Anglican) (1618-1670)

Häring, Theodor (Lutheran) (1848-1928)

Harmer, Thomas (Anglican) (1714-1788)

Harper, James (Presbyterian) (1795-1879)

Harris, Howell (Calvinistic Methodist Church or Presbyterian Church of Wales) (1714-1773)

Harsha, David Addison (1827-1895)

Harvey, Gideon (Anglican) (1640-1700)

Hatfield, Edwin Francis (Presbyterian) (1807-1883)

Hausrath, Adolph (Lutheran) (1837-1909)

Havergal, Frances Ridley (Daughter) (Anglican) (1836-1879)

Havergal, William Henry (Father) (Anglican) (1793-1870)

Hays, George Price (Presbyterian) (1838-1897)

Hayward, John (Anglican) (1564-1627)

Heaton, William James (1845-?)

Hefele, Karl Joseph von (1809-1893)

Heidelberg Catechism, The

Heighway, Osborn W. Trenery (?-?)

Henderson, Alexander (Presbyterian) (1583-1646)

Henderson, Ebenezer (Congregationalist) (1784-1858)

Henderson, Henry Fotheringham (Presbyterian) (?-1939)

Henderson, Robert (Presbyterian) (1764-1834)

Hendrick, James Paul (Presbyterian) (1828-1898)

Hengstenberg, Ernst Wilhelm Theodor Herrmann (Lutheran) (1802-1869)

Herbert, George (Anglican) (1593-1633)

Hervey, James (Anglican) (1714-1758)

Hetherington, William Maxwell (Presbyterian) (1803-1865)

Hewatt, Alexander (Presbyterian) (1739-1824)

Hewit, Nathaniel (Presbyterian) (1788-1867)

Higgins, Francis Edmond (Presbyterian) (1865-1915)

Hill, George (Presbyterian) (1750-1819)

Hill, John (Independent) (1711-1745-6)

Hill, Rowland (Independent) (1744-1833)

Hill, William (Presbyterian) (1769-1852)

Hills, Oscar Armstrong (Presbyterian) (1837-1919)

Hitchcock, Edward (Congregationalist) (1793-1864)

Hobart, John Henry (Episcopalian) (1775-1830)

Hodge, Archibald Alexander (Presbyterian-Old School) (1823-1886)

Hodge, Caspar Wistar (Presbyterian-Old School) (1830-1891)

Hodge, Charles (Presbyterian-Old School) (1797-1878)

Hodge, John Aspinwall (Presbyterian) (1831-1901)

Hoekema, Anthony Andrew (Christian Reformed – CRC) (1913-1988)

Hoge, Moses (Presbyterian) (1752-1820)

Hoge, Moses Drury (Presbyterian) (1818-1899)

Hoge, Thomas (1775-1846)

Hoge, William James (Presbyterian) (1825-1864)

Hogg, John (Presbyterian) (1833-1886)

Honyeman, Andrew (Anglican) (1619-1676)

Hooker, Richard (Anglican) (1554-1600)

Hooper, John (Anglican) (1495-1555)

Hooper, Thomas Williamson (Presbyterian) (1832-1915)

Hope, Matthew Boyd (1812-1859)

Hopkins, Mark (Congregationalist) (Grand-Nephew of Samuel 1721-1803; Brother of Samuel 1807-1875) (1802-1887)

Hopkins, Samuel (Uncle of Samuel Hopkins-1721-1803) (Congregationalist) (1693-1755)

Hopkins, Samuel (Nephew of Samuel Hopkins 1693-1755; Grand-Uncle of Mark and Samuel 1807-1875) (Congregationalist) (1721-1803)

Hopkins, Samuel (Congregationalist) (Grand Nephew of Samuel Hopkins 1721-1803; Brother of Mark) (1807-1875)

Hopkins, Samuel Miles I (Presbyterian) (1772-1837)

Hopkins, Samuel Miles II (Presbyterian) (1813-1901)

Horneck, Anthony (Anglican) (1641-1697)

How, Samuel Blanchard (Presbyterian – Dutch Reformed – R.C.A.) (1790-1868)

Howie, John (Presbyterian) (1735-1793)

Howson, John Saul (Anglican) (1816-1885)

Hubbard, Joseph Welton (Presbyterian) (1827-1907)

Hudson, Samuel (Presbyterian) (?-1683)

Humphrey, Edward Porter (Father) (Presbyterian) (1809-1887)

Humphrey, Edward William Cornelius (Son) (Presbyterian) (1844-1917)

Humphrey, Zephaniah Moore (Presbyterian) (1824-1881)

Hunt, Holloway Whitfield (Presbyterian) (1800-1882)

Hunter, Henry (Presbyterian) (1741-1802)

Hurrion, John (English - Non-Conformist) (1675-1731)

Hutcheson, George (Presbyterian) (1615-1674)

Hutchinson, Roger (Anglican) (?-1555)

Hutchison, John (Presbyterian) (?-1901)

Hutchison, John Russell (Presbyterian) (1807-1878)

Huther, Johann Eduard (Lutheran) (1807-1880)

Hutten, Leonard (Anglican) (1556-1632)


Reformed Beliefs I

Inglis, James (Presbyterian) (1777-1820)

Inglis, James (Presbyterian - Baptist) (1813-1872)

Irving, David (Presbyterian) (1821-1885)

Irwin, Clarke Huston (Presbyterian) (1858-1934)

Reformed Beliefs J

Jackson, John (1600-1648

Jackson, Sheldon (Presbyterian) (1834-1909)

Jacobus, Melancthon William Jr. (Presbyterian) (1855-1937)

Jacobus, Melancthon William Sr. (Presbyterian)(1816-1876)

James I (King of England) (Anglican) (1566-1625)

James, John Angell (English Nonconformist) (1785-1859)

James, William (Presbyterian) (1797-1868)

Jameson, William (Presbyterian) (fl. 1689-1720)

Jamieson, John (Presbyterian) (1759-1838)

Jamieson, Robert (Presbyterian) (1802-1880)

Janeway, Jacob Jones (Presbyterian) (1774-1858)

Jaquelot, Isaac (French Reformed – Huguenot) (1647-1708)

Jay, William (English Nonconformist – Congregationalist) (1769-1853)

Jenks, Benjamin (Anglican) (1648-1732)

Jennings, David (Brother of John) (English Dissenting Minister – Congregationalist) (1691-1762)

Jennings, John (Brother of David) (English Dissenting - Congregationalist) (1687-1723)

Jennings, John (Baptist) (1809-1871)

Jennings, Samuel Carnahan (Presbyterian) (1803-1885)

Jessup, Henry Harris (Presbyterian) (1832-1910)

Jewel, John (Anglican) (1522-1571)

John, Griffith (Congregationalist) (1831-1912)

Johnson, Herrick (Presbyterian) (1832-1913)

Johnson, Thomas Cary (Presbyterian) (1859-1933)

Johnston, Archibald (Presbyterian) (1611-1663)

Johnston, John Black (Presbyterian) (1802-1882)

Johnstone, Robert (Presbyterian) (fl. 1871-1900)

Jones, Charles John (Presbyterian) (1818-1907)

Jones, John William (Baptist) (1836-1909)

Jones, William (Anglican) (1561-1636)

Junkin, David Xavier (Presbyterian) (1808-1888)

Junkin, George (Presbyterian-Old School) (1790-1868)

Jurieu, Pierre (Anglican) (1637-1713)

Reformed Beliefs K

Keil, Carl Friedrich (Lutheran) (1807-1888)

Keith, Alexander (Presbyterian) (1791-1880)

Keith, Robert (Anglican) (1681-1757)

Kellogg, Lewis (Anglican) (1805-1882)

Kennedy, John (Congregationalist) (1813-1900)

Kennedy, John (Presbyterian) (1819-1884)

Ker, John (Presbyterian) (1819-1886)

Ker, Robert (Episcopal) (1843-?)

Kerr, Robert (Presbyterian) (fl. 1885-1912)

Kerr, Robert Pollok (Presbyterian) (1850-1923)

Kimpton, Edward (fl. 1765-1813)

King, David (Presbyterian) (1806-1883)

King, Peter First Baron (Anglican) (1669-1734)

Kirby, William (Anglican) (1759-1850)

Kirk, Edward Norris (Presbyterian – Congregationalist) (1802-1874)

Kitto, John (1804-1854)

Knox, Hugh (Presbyterian) (1733-1790)

Kollock, Henry (Presbyterian) (1778-1819)

Krebs, John Michael (Presbyterian) (1804-1867)

Krummacher, Frederich Adolf (Brother of Gottfried) (German Reformed) (1767-1845)

Krummacher, Friedrich Wilhelm (German Reformed) (1796-1868)

Krummacher, Gottfried Daniel (Brother of Adolf) (German Reformed) (1774-1837)

Kurtz, Johann Heinrich (Lutheran) (1809-1890)

Kuyper, Abraham (Dutch Reformed) (1837-1920)

Reformed Beliefs L

de la Placette, Jean (French Reformed – Huguenot) (1639-1718)

Lacroix, Alphonse Francois (1799-1859)

Lacy, William Sterling (Presbyterian) (1842-1899)

Laird, Robert MacMordie (Presbyterian) (1799-1842)

Lange, Johann Peter (German Reformed) (1802-1844)

Lansing, Dirck Cornelius (Presbyterian) (1785-1857)

Lansing, Gulian (Presbyterian) (1825-1892)

Lapsley, Samuel Norvell (Presbyterian) (1866-1892)

Lathrop, Joseph (Congregationalist) (1731-1820)

Latimer, William Thomas (Presbyterian) (?-1919)

Laval, Stephen Abel (?-?)

Lawson, George (Presbyterian) (1598-1678)

Lawson, George (Presbyterian) (1749-1820)

Le Mercier, Andrew (French Reformed – Huguenot) (1692-1763)

Leavitt, Louisa Adams (Presbyterian) (1803-1842)

Leechman, William (Presbyterian) (1706-1785)

Leigh, Edward (Puritan Congregationalist or Presbyterian) (1602-1671)

Leighton, Robert (Episcopal) (1611-1684)

Leland, John (Presbyterian) (1691-1766)

Leland, Thomas (Anglican or Episcopal) (1722-1785)

Lenfant, Jacques (French Reformed – Huguenot) (1661-1728)

Lever, Thomas (Anglican Puritan) (1521-1577)

Lewis, Tayler (1802-1877)

Lindsay, William (Presbyterian) (1802-1866)

Linn, John Blair (Presbyterian) (1777-1804)

Lindsley, Joel Harvey (Congregationalist) (1790-1868)

Lintner, George Ames (Lutheran) (1796-1871)

Livingston, John (Presbyterian) (1603-1672)

Livingston, John Henry (Dutch Reformed – R.C.A.) (1746-1825)

Locke, Nathaniel Clark (Presbyterian) (1816-1862)

Lockerby, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1777-1851)

Loomis, Augustus Ward (Presbyterian) (1816-1891)

Lorimer, John Gordon (Presbyterian) (1804-1868)

Lorimer, Peter (Presbyterian) (1812-1879)

Lorimer, William (fl. 1680-?)

Lowrie, John Cameron (Presbyterian) (1808-1900)

Lowrie, John Marshall (Presbyterian) (1817-1867)

Lowrie, Samuel Thompson (Presbyterian) (1835-1924)

Lowrie, Walter Macon (Presbyterian) (1819-1847)

Lunan, Alexander (Episcopal) (1647-?)


Reformed Beliefs M

MacDonald, Donald (Presbyterian) (1783-1867)

MacDonald, James Madison (Presbyterian - Congregationalist) (1812-1876)

Macdonnell, Daniel James (Presbyterian) (1843-1896)

MacDougall, Donald (Presbyterian) (1854-1920)

MacGillivray, Donald (Presbyterian) (1862-1931)

Macgowan, John (?-1922)

MacGregor, George Hogarth Carnaby (Presbyterian) (1864-1900)

MacGregor, James (Presbyterian) (1759-1830)

MacGregor, James (Presbyterian) (1832-1910)

Machar, John (Presbyterian) (1796-1863)

Machen, John Gresham (Presbyterian – O.P.C.-Old School) (1881-1937)

Mackay, George Leslie (Presbyterian) (1844-1901)

Mackay, Isabella (Presbyterian) (1777-1850)

MacKellar, Margaret (Presbyterian) (fl. 1861-1913)

Macknight, James (Presbyterian) (1721-1800)

Maclaren, Ian (Pseudonym of John Watson) (Presbyterian) (1850-1907)

Maclaurin, John (Father-in-Law of John Gillies) (Presbyterian) (1693-1754)

Maclean, John (Junior) (Presbyterian) (1800-1886)

MacLeod, Donald (Younger Brother of Norman) (Presbyterian) (1831-1916)

MacLeod, Norman (Elder Brother of Donald) (Presbyterian) (1812-1872)

Macmillan, Hugh (Presbyterian) (1833-1903)

MacPherson, John (Father of Sir John Macpherson, 1st Baronet) (Presbyterian) (1710-1765)

MacPherson, John (Presbyterian) (1847-1902)

MacTavish, William Sharpe (Presbyterian) (1858-1932)

Macurdy, Elisha (Presbyterian) (1763-1845)

MacVicar, Donald Harvey (Presbyterian) (1831-1902)

MacWhorter, Alexander (Grandfather) (Presbyterian) (1734-1807)

MacWhorter, Alexander (Grandson) (1822-1880)

Magee, Hamilton (Presbyterian) (fl. 1848-1898)

Magie, David (Presbyterian) (1795-1865)

Makemie, Francis (Presbyterian– Founder of Presbyterianism in the U.S.A.) (1658-1708)

Mant, Richard (Anglican) (1776-1848)

Marsh, Dwight Whitney (Presbyterian) (1823-1896)

Marshall, Andrew (Presbyterian) (1779-1854)

Martin, David (French Reformed – Huguenot) (1639-1721)

Martyn, Henry (Anglican) (1781-1812)

Mason, Erskine (Presbyterian) (1805-1851)

Mason, John (Anglican) (1646-1694)

Mason, John Mitchell (Presbyterian) (1770-1829)

Mason, William (1719-1791)

Mayer, Lewis (German Reformed) (1783-1849)

Mayhew, Experience (Congregationalist) (1674-1759)

McAlarney, Mathias Wilson (Presbyterian) (1840-1900)

McCalla, William Latta (Presbyterian) (1788-1859)

McBeth, Sue Law (Presbyterian) (1830-1893)

McCarrell, Joseph (Presbyterian) (1795-1864)

McCaul, Alexander (Anglican) (1799-1863)

McClatchie, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1812-1885)

McClelland, Alexander (1794-1864)

McColl, John (Presbyterian) (fl. 1845-1920)

McCook, Henry Christopher (Presbyterian) (1837-1911)

McCord, William J. (Presbyterian) (1810-1888)

McCorkle, William Parsons (1855-1933)

McCosh, James (Presbyterian) (1811-1894)

McCoy, Robert (Presbyterian) (1808-1879)

McCurdy, James Frederick (1847-1935)

McDowell, John (Presbyterian) (1780-1863)

McFarlane, Alexander (Presbyterian) (1793-1838)

McFarlane, Samuel (Presbyterian) (1837-1911)

McGill, Alexander Taggart (Presbyterian) (1807-1889)

McGill, James (Presbyterian) (1806-1883)

McGill, Robert (Presbyterian) (1798-1856)

McGilvary, Daniel (Presbyterian) (1829-1911)

McGregore, David (Presbyterian) (1710-1777)

M'Cheyne, Robert Murray (Presbyterian) (1813-1843)

M'Chord, James (Presbyterian) (1785-1820)

McKerrow, John (Presbyterian) (1789-1867)

McLeod, Alexander (Presbyterian) (1774-1833)

McLeod, Duncan Darroch (Presbyterian) (1840-1917)

McLeod, Malcolm James (Presbyterian) (1865-1940)

Mcilwaine, Richard (Presbyterian) (1834-1913)

McMaster, Samuel (Presbyterian) (1744-1811)

McNaughton, Duncan (Presbyterian) (1826-1899)

McConaughy, David (Presbyterian) (1775-1852)

M'Crie, Thomas (Presbyterian) (the elder) (1772-1835)

M'Crie, Thomas (Presbyterian) (the younger) (1797-1875)

McWard, Robert (Presbyterian) (1633-1687)

Means, Robert (Presbyterian) (1796-1836)

Mecklin, Robert Wilson (Presbyterian) (1843-1914)

Meeker, Eli (1780-1835)

Melchior, Adam (1575-1622)

Meldrum, George (Presbyterian) (1634-1709)

Melville, Andrew (Presbyterian) (Uncle of James) (1545-1622)

Melville, James (Presbyterian) (Nephew of James) (1556-1614)

Merrill, David (Presbyterian - Congregationalist) (1798-1850)

M'Gavin, William (1773-1832)

M’Ginnes, James Y. (Presbyterian) (1815-1851)

Michaelis, Johann David (Lutheran - German Reformed) (1717-1791)

Middleton, Erasmus (Anglican) (1739-1805)

Miller, Hugh (Presbyterian - Evangelical) (1802-1856)

Miller, James Patterson (American Associate) (1792-1854)

Miller, James Russell (Presbyterian) (1840-1912)

Miller, Samuel (Presbyterian-Old School) (1769-1850)

Milner, Thomas Hughes (Presbyterian) (1825-1866)

Mitchell, Alexander Ferrier (Presbyterian) (1822-1899)

Moffat, James Clement (Presbyterian) (1811-1890)

Moffat, Robert (Congregationalist) (1795-1883)

Mogridge, George (Anglican) (Old Humphrey - Jeremy Jaunt - Thomas Brown - Pseudonyms) (1787-1854)

Moncrieff, Alexander (Presbyterian) (1695-1761)

Monfort, Elias Riggs (Brother of Francis Cassat) (Presbyterian) (1842-1920)

Monfort, Francis Cassatte (Brother of Elias Riggs) (Presbyterian) (1844-1928)

Monfort, Joseph Glass (Father of Elias and Francis) (Presbyterian) (1810-1906)

Montanus, Arnoldus (Dutch Reformed) (1625-1683)

Montgomery, James (Anglican) (1771-1854)

Montgomery, Robert (Anglican) (1807-1855)

Moody, Dwight Lyman (Moody Church, Moody Bible Institute, Moody Publishers) (1837-1899)

Moody, William Revell (Son of Dwight L. Moody) (Moody Church) (1869-1933)

Moore, Ambrose Yeomans (Presbyterian) (1823-1904)

Moore, George Foot (Presbyterian) (1851-1931)

Moore, Robert Braden (Presbyterian) (1835-1906)

Moore, Thomas Verner (Presbyterian) (1818-1871)

Moorehead, William Gallogly (Presbyterian) (1836-1914)

Mornay, Charlotte Arbaleste De (French Reformed) (1548-1606)

Morris, Edward Dafydd (Presbyterian) (1825-1915)

Morris, Samuel Leslie (Presbyterian) (1854-1937)

Morrison, Robert (Presbyterian - Congregationalist) (1782-1834)

Morrison, Robert Hall (Presbyterian) (1798-1889)

Morrison, William McCutchan (Presbyterian) (1867-1918)

Morse, Jedidiah (Congregationalist) (1761-1826)

Moses, Stuart (Congregationalist) (1780-1852)

Mott, George Scudder (Presbyterian) (1829-1901)

Moulin, Pierre Du the Elder (French Reformed - Huguenots) (1568-1658)

Muffet, Peter (fl-16th Century)

Muir, George (Presbyterian) (1723-1771)

Mullens, Hannah Catherine, Mrs. (Wife of Joseph) (Congregationalist) (1826-1861)

Mullens, Joseph (Husband of Hannah Catherine) (Congregationalist) (1820-1879)

Murphy, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1823-1900)

Murray, Andrew (Dutch Reformed) (1828-1917)

Murray, James Ormsbee (Presbyterian) (1827-1899)

Murray, Nicholas (Presbyterian) (1802-1861)

Murray, William Henry Harrison (Adirondack Murray) (Congregationalist) (1840-1904)

Muston, Alexis (French Reformed - Huguenot) (1810-1888)


Reformed Beliefs N

Napier, John (1550-1617)

Navarre, Marguerite de (d'Angouleme) (1492-1549)

Neal, Daniel (Congregationalist - Puritan) (1678-1743)

Neill, William (Presbyterian) (1788-1860)

Nelson, Henry Addison (Presbyterian) (1820-1906)

Nevay, John (Presbyterian) (1606-1672)

Nevin, John Williamson (Presbyterian - German Reformed) (1803-1886)

Nevins, William (Presbyterian) (1797-1835)

Nevius, John Livingston (1829-1893)

Newcomb, Harvey (Congregationalist) (1803-1863)

Newton, John Henry (Anglican) (1725-1807)

Nicholson, William (Anglican) (1591-1672)

Nieuwentyt, Bernard (Dutch Philosopher) (1654-1718)

Niles, Henry Edward (Presbyterian) (1823-1900)

Niles, Samuel (Congregationalist) (1674-1762)

Nott, Eliphalet (Presbyterian) (1773-1866)

Nourse, Joseph Everett (1819-1889)

Nowell, Alexander (Uncle of William Whitaker) (Anglican) (1507-1602)


Reformed Beliefs O

Occom, Samson (Mohegan - Direct Descendant of Uncas) (Presbyterian) (1723-1792)

Oldfield, Joshua (Presbyterian) (1656-1729)

Olyphant, Vernon Murray (Presbyterian) (1860-1893)

Orme, William (Congregationalist) (1787-1830)

Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Osborn, Benjamin (Congregationalist) (1751-1818)

Osborn, Ethan (Presbyterian) (1758-1858)

O'Shaughnessy, Thomas (?-?)

Ostervald, Jean Frederic (Swiss Protestant) (1663-1747)

Ostrander, Henry (Reformed Protestant Dutch - R.C.A.) (1781-1872)

Oughtred, William (Mathematician) (1575-1660)

Owen, John (Anglican) (1766-1822)

Owen, John Jason (Presbyterian) (1803-1869)

Reformed Beliefs P

Paget, John (English Reformed - Presbyterian) (?-1638)

Paglia, Antonio Della (Italian Reformed) (Aonio Paleario) (1503-1570)

Palmer, Benjamin Morgan (Presbyterian) (1818-1902)

Palmer, Samuel (English Nonconformist) (1741-1813)

Pareau, Johannes Henricus (Dutch Reformed) (1761-1833)

Parker, Joel (Presbyterian) (1799-1873)

Parker, Joseph (Congregationalist) (1830-1902)

Parker, Matthew (Anglican) (1504-1575)

Parsons, Jonathan (Congregationalist - Presbyterian) (1705-1776)

Paterson, Alexander Smith (Presbyterian) (1803?-1828)

Paterson, William Paterson (Presbyterian) (1860-1939)

Patterson, George (Presbyterian) (1824-1897)

Patterson, James (Presbyterian) (1779-1837)

Patterson, William (Presbyterian) (fl. 1881-1922)

Patton, Francis Landey (Presbyterian) (1843-1932)

Paxton, William Miller (Presbyterian) (1824-1904)

Payson, Edward (Father of Elizabeth Prentiss) (Congregationalist) (1783-1827)

Pearsall, Richard (Congregationalist) (1698-1762)

Pearson, Anthony Jefferson (Nazarene) (1810-1834)

Peck, Thomas Ephraim (Presbyterian) (1822-1893)

Pemberton, Ebenezer (Congregationalist) (1704-1777)

Phillips, William Wirt (Presbyterian) (1769-1865)

Pilgrims of New England

Pilkington, James (Anglican) (1520-1576)

Pink, Arthur Walkington (Congregationalist - Independent - Calvinist) (1886-1952)

Pink, Arthur Walkington (1886-1952) (Works of Pink - Archive)

Plumer, William Swan (Presbyterian) (1802-1880)

Pococke, Edward (Anglican) (1604-1691)

Pollok, Robert (Presbyterian) (1798-1827)

Pond, William Chauncey (Congregationalist) (1830-1925)

Porteous, James Moir (Presbyterian) (1822-1891)

Porter, David (1761-1851)

Prentiss, Elizabeth (Daughter of Edward Payson) (Wife of George Lewis Prentiss) (1818-1878)

Prentiss, George Lewis (Husband of Elizabeth Prentiss) (Presbyterian) (1816-1903)

Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church in Nova Scotia

Presbyterian Church in the United States of America

Presbyterian Preacher (1833-1837)

Presbyterian and Reformed Review (1890-1902)

Preston, Willard (Presbyterian) (1785-1856)

Prideaux, John (Anglican) (1578-1650)

Prime, Nathaniel Scudder (Presbyterian) (1785-1856)

Prime, Samuel Irenaeus (Presbyterian) (1812-1885)

Princeton Theological Seminary

Princeton (College) University

Protestant Reformed Church

Proudfit, Alexander (Associate Reformed Church) (1770-1843)

Proudfoot, John James Aitchison (1821-1903)

Purves, George Tybout (Presbyterian) (1852-1901)

Reformed Beliefs Q

Quesnel, Pasquier (Jansenist Roman Catholic French Theologian) (1634-1719)

Quinton, John Allan (Congregationalist - Journeyman Printer, Ipswich) (1817-?)


Reformed Beliefs R

Rainolds, (Reynolds) John (Anglican - Puritan) (1549-1607)

Rait, William (Presbyterian) (1617-1670)

Ramsey, James Beverlin (Presbyterian) (1814-1871)

Ramsay, Sir William Mitchell (Presbyterian - Scottish Archaeologist - and New Testament Scholar) (1851-1939)

Randolph, Peyton (Early Patriot) (1721-1775)

Rankin, Melinda (Presbyterian) (1811-1888)

Rathbone, William (One of the Westminster Divines) (?-1644)

Reading, John (Anglican) (1588-1667)

Reese, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1742-1796)

Reformed Church in America

Reformed Church of France

Reformed Church of Germany

Reformed Church in the United States

Reformed Church of Ireland

Reformed Church of Switzerland

Reformed Churches in the Netherlands

Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America

Reid, James (Presbyterian Church) (1750-1837)

Reid, James (Episcopalian - Anglican) (1780-1865)

Reid, James (Presbyterian) (1877-?)

Reid, James Seaton (Presbyterian) (1798-1851)

Renwick, James (Presbyterian) (1662-1688)

Resbury, Richard (1607-1674)

Reynolds, Edward (Anglican) (1599-1676)

Rice, David (Presbyterian) (1733-1816)

Rice, Nathan Lewis(Presbyterian) (1807-1877)

Richards, George (Anglican) (1767-1837)

Richards, James (Presbyterian) (1767-1843)

Richards, James McDowell (1902-1986)

Richards, William Rogers (Presbyterian) (1853-1910)

Rideout, Jacob Barzilla (Mrs.) (1806-1890)

Ridley, Mark (1560-1624)

Robe, James (1688-1753)

Roberts, William Charles (Presbyterian) (1832-1903)

Roberts, William Henry (1844-1920)

Robertson, James (Presbyterian) (1839-1902)

Robertson, James (of Newington) (Brother of William) (Presbyterian) (1816-1879)

Robertson, William Bruce (Brother of James of Newington) (Presbyterian) (1820-1886)

Robinson, Charles Seymour (Presbyterian) (1829-1899)

Robinson, Stuart (Presbyterian) (1814-1881)

Robinson, Thomas Hastings (Presbyterian) (1828-1906)

Rogers, Ebenezer Platt (Reformed Dutch [R.C.A.] - Presbyterian) (1817-1881)

Rogers, Thomas (Anglican) (1553-1616)

Rohan, Henri (French Reformed - Huguenots) (1579-1638)

Rohold, Sabeti Benjamin (Hebrew Christian Synagogue - Presbyterian) (fl. 1876-1931)

Rollock, Robert (1555-1599)

Romeyn, John Brodhead (Presbyterian) (1777-1825)

Rose, Henry John (Brother-in-Law to John William Burgon) (Anglican) (1800-1873)

Ross, Alexander (Presbyterian or Anglican) (1590-1654)

Ruchat, Abraham (Swiss Reformed) (1678-1750)

Rule, Gilbert (Nonconformist - Ejected in 1662 - Presbyterian) (1629-1701)

Russell, James Stuart (Congregationalist) (1816-1895)

Rutherford, Samuel (1600-1661)

Ryle, John Charles (Anglican) (1816-1900)

Reformed Beliefs S

Sage John, (Anglican - Non Jurist) (1652-1711)

Sample, Robert Fleming (1829-1905)

Sampson, Francis Smith (Presbyterian) (1814-1854)

Sanderson, Robert (Anglican) (1587-1663)

Sandys, Edwin (Father of George) (Anglican) (1519-1588)

Sandys, George (Son of Edwin) (1577-1644)

Saravia, Hadrian De (Anglican) (1532-1612)

Saurin, James (Jacques) (French Reformed - Huguenots) (1677-1730)

Savage, Sarah (1785-1837)

Savage, Sarah Mrs. (Daughter of Philip Henry, Sister of Matthew Henry) (Puritan - Nonconformist) (1664-1752)

Savage, Sarah Chauncey (1817-1895)

Scarborough, William (Methodist) (fl. 1865-1888)

Schaff, Philip (German Reformed) (1819-1893)

Schenck, Ferdinand Schureman (Reformed Church in America) (1845-1925)

Schenck, William Edward (Reformed Church in America) (1819-1903)

Schieffelin, Samuel Bradhurst (Reformed Church in America) (1811-1900)

Schlatter, Michael (German Reformed) (1716-1790)

Schubert, Hans von (German Reformed) (1859-1931)

Schurer, Emil (German Protestant - Lutheran?) (1844-1910)

Sclater, William (Anglican) (1638-1717)

Scot, William (Presbyterian) (1558-1642)

Scott, Alexander Hugh (Presbyterian) (1853-1931)

Scott, Charles Ernest (Presbyterian) (1876-1961)

Scott, Hew (Presbyterian) (1791-1872)

Scott, James (Dutch Reformed - R.C.A.) (?-1858)

Scott, Thomas (Anglican) (1747-1821)

Scott, William Anderson (Presbyterian) (1813-1885)

Scougal, Henry (Anglican) (1650-1678)

Scribner, William (1820-1884)

Scudder, John (1793-1855)

Seccombe, Joseph (Congregationalist) (1706-1760)

Shaw, Robert (Presbyterian) (1795-1863)

Shaw, Samuel (English - Nonconformist) (1635-1696)

Shearer, John Bunyan (Presbyterian) (1832-1919)

Shedd, William Ambrose (Presbyterian) (1865-1918)

Shedd, William Greenough Thayer (Presbyterian) (1820-1894)

Sheddan, Samuel S. (Presbyterian) (1809-1874)

Sheldon, Richard (Roman Catholic - Anglican) (?-1642)

Sheldrake, George H. (Presbyterian) (?-?)

Shepherd, Thomas James (Presbyterian) (1818-1898)

Sheppard, William Henry (Presbyterian) (1865-1921)

Sherwood, Mary Martha (Evangelical - Anglican) (1775-1851)

Shields, Alexander (or Sheilds) (Presbyterian) (1660-1700)

Shimeall, Richard Cunningham (Presbyterian) (1803-1874)

Shuckford, Samuel (Anglican) (1694-1754)

Sime, William (Presbyterian) (1851-1895)

Simson, Patrick (Presbyterian) (1556-1618)

Sinclair, George (Presbyterian) (fl 1654-1696)

Singer, Charles Gregg (Presbyterian) (1910-1999)

Skinner, Thomas Harvey (Presbyterian) (1791-1871)

Skinner, Thomas Harvey (Presbyterian) (1820-1892)

Sloane, James Renwick Wilson (Presbyterian) (1823-1886)

Smalley, John (1734-1820)

Smeaton, George (Presbyterian) (1814-1889)

Smedley, Edward (Anglican) (1788-1836)

Smith, Arthur Henderson (Congregationalist) (1845-1932)

Smith, Asa Dodge (Presbyterian) (1804-1877)

Smith, Eli (1801-1857)

Smith, George Adam (Sir) (Presbyterian) (1856-1944)

Smith, Henry Boynton (Congregationalist) (1815-1877)

Smith, Hugh (fl. 1677-?)

Smith, Joseph (1796-1868)

Smith, Joseph Tate (Presbyterian) (1819-1906)

Smith, Josiah (Presbyterian) (1704-1781)

Smith, Josiah Dickey (1815-1863)

Smith, Marcus (Presbyterian) (1791-1871)

Smith, Robert (Presbyterian) (1788-1853)

Smith, Samuel (Anglican) (1584-1665)

Smith, Samuel Stanhope (Presbyterian) (1751-1819)

Smith, Sydney (Anglican) (1771-1845)

Smyth, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1808-1873)

Snodgrass, William Davis (Presbyterianism) (1796-1886)

South Robert (Anglican) (1634-1716)

Spanheim, Friedrich Jr. (Son) (German Reformed) (1632-1701)

Spanheim, Friedrich Sr. (Father) (Swiss Reformed) (1600-1649)

Spence, Henry Donald Maurice (Anglican) (1836-1917)

Spencer, Ichabod Smith (Presbyterian) (1797-1854)

Spener, Philip Jacob (Philipp Jakob) (Lutheran) (1636-1705)

Spottiswoode, John (Anglican) (1565-1639)

Sprague, William Buell (Congregationalist - Presbyterian) (1795-1876)

Spring, Gardiner (Son of Samuel) (Congregationalist-Presbyterian) (1785-1873)

Spring, Samuel (Father of Gardiner) (Congregationalist) (1746-1819)

Sprott, John (Presbyterian) (1780-1869)

Spurgeon, Charles Haddon (Particular {Reformed} Baptist) (1834-1892)

Squier, Miles Powell (Congregationalist) (1792-1866)

Squires, Walter Albion (Presbyterian) (1874-1949)

Stalker, James (Presbyterian) (1848-1927)

Stanley, Henry Morton Sir (1841-1904)

Stanton, Benjamin Franklin (1789-1843)

Stavely, Alexander McLeod (Presbyterian) (1816-1884)

Steel, Robert (Presbyterian) (1827-1893)

Steele, David (Senior) (Presbyterian) (1803-1887)

Steele, David (Junior) (Presbyterian) (1826-1906)

Stevenson, George of Ayr (Presbyterian) (1812-1859)

Stevenson, John (Anglican) (fl. 1845-1893)

Stewart, C. C. (Presbyterian) (?-?)

Stewart, Sir James (Presbyterian) (1635-1713)

Still, John (Anglican) (1543-1608)

Storrs, Richard Salter (Descendant of Richard Mather-Grandfather) (Congregationalist- Longmeadow, Massachusetts) (1763-1819)

Storrs, Richard Salter (Descendant of Richard Mather-Father) (Congregationalist-Braintree, Massachusetts) (1787-1873)

Storrs, Richard Salter (Descendant of Richard Mather-Son) (Congregationalist-Brookline, Massachusetts-Brooklyn, New York) (1821-1900)

Stratton, Joseph Buck (Presbyterian) (1815-1903)

Strong, Nathan (Congregationalist - Presbyterian) (1748-1816)

Stryker, Peter (Reformed Protestant Dutch Church) (1826-1900)

Superville, de Daniel (French Reformed - Huguenot) (1657-1728)

Swan, William (1791-1866)

Swan, William (Presbyterian) (1841-1898)

Swete, Henry Barclay (Anglican) (1835-1917)

Symington, Andrew (Brother of William) (Presbyterian) (1785-1853)

Symington, Mary Thomson (Presbyterian) (1858-?)

Symington, William (Brother of Andrew) (Presbyterian) (1795-1862)

Symson, Andrew Jr. (Presbyterian) (1638-1712)

Symson, Andrew Sr. (Presbyterian) (1601-?)

Synod of Dort

Reformed Beliefs T

Taggart, Samuel (Presbyterian) (1754-1825)

Tallents, Francis (Presbyterian - Non-Conforming English) (1619-1708)

Talmage, Thomas De Witt (R. C. A. - Presbyterian) (1832-1902)

Tappan, David (1752-1803)

Tarbox, Increase Niles (Congregationalist) (1815-1888)

Taylor Abraham (English - Independent) (fl. 1727-1740)

Taylor, Nathanael (1662?-1702)

Taylor, William Mackergo (Congregationalist) (1829-1895)

Tennent, Gilbert (Son of William Sr. and Brother of William Jr.) (Presbyterian-New Side) (1703-1764)

Tennent, William Sr. (Father of Gilbert and William Jr.) (Presbyterian) (1673-1746)

Tennent, William Jr. (Son of William Sr. and Brother of Gilbert) (Presbyterian) (1705-1777)

Tersteegen, Gerhard (German Mystic - Pietist) (1697-1769)

Thayer, Elihu (Congregationalist) (1747-1812)

Thelemann, Otto (German Reformed) (fl. 1868-1896)

Thomas, David (English - Congregationalist?) (1813-1894)

Thompson, Julia Carrie (?-1883)

Thompson, Ralph Wardlaw (1842-1916)

Thomson, Andrew (Presbyterian) (Broughton) (1814-1901)

Thomson, Andrew Mitchell (Presbyterian) (Free St George's) (1779-1831)

Thomson, John Henderson (Presbyterian) (1824-1901)

Thornwell, James Henley (Presbyterian) (1812-1862)

Thorowgood, Thomas (Puritan - Anglican? - Congregationalist?) (1595-1669)

Tinker, Reuben (Presbyterian) (1799-1854)

Toplady, Augustus Montague (Anglican) (1740-1778)

Torshell, Samuel (Puritan - Nonconformist) (1604-1650)

Tucker, Mark (Presbyterian-Congregationalist) (1795-1875)

Tucker, Susannah Humphreys (Clapp), Mrs. (1802-1833)

Tuckney, Anthony (Puritan - Anglican - Nonconformist) (1599-1670)

Turretin, Francis (Swiss-Italian Reformed) (1623-1687)

Tweedie, William King (Presbyterian) (1803-1863)

Twisse, William (Anglican) (1577-1646)

Tyng, Stephen Higginson (Episcopal) (1800-1885)

Tytler, Alexander Fraser (Father ) (1747-1813)

Tytler, Patrick Fraser (Son) (1791-1849)

Reformed Beliefs U

United (Original) Secession Church

United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America

United Presbyterian Church of Scotland

Unknown Authors

Ussher, James (Anglican) (1581-1656)

Reformed Beliefs V

Valentine, Henry (Anglican) (?1600-1644)

Valois, Marguerite de, Queen of Navarre (1552-1615)

Van Der Kemp, Johannes (Dutch Reformed) (1664-1718)

Van Der Palm, Johannes Henricus (Dutch Reformed) (1763-1840)

Van Doren, Willam Howard (Reformed Protestant Dutch Church - R. C. A.) (1810-1882)

Van Dyke, Henry Jackson (Presbyterian) (1822-1891)

Van Mildert, William (Anglican) (1765-1836)

Van Oosterzee, Jan Jacob (Dutch Reformed) (1817-1882)

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt (Presbyterian) (1808-1860)

Vaughan, Clement Read (1827-1911)

Verner, Samuel Phillips (Presbyterian) (1873-1943)

Veron, Jean (Anglican) (?-1563)

Veysie, Daniel (Anglican) (1754-1817)

Vitringa, Campegius Sr. (Dutch Reformed) (1659-1722)

Vos, Geerhardus (Christian Reformed - Presbyterian) (1862-1949)


Reformed Beliefs W

Waddel, James (Grandfather of James Waddel Alexander) (Cousin of Moses) (Presbyterian) (1739-1805)

Waddel, Moses (Cousin of James) (Presbyterian) (1770-1840)

Waddington, John (Congregationalist) (1810-1880)

Wadsworth, Charles (Methodist) (1814-1882)

Walker, Clement (Theodorus Verax) (1595-1651)

Walker, Cornelius (Episcopal) (1819-1907)

Walker, George (Puritan - Presbyterian) (1581-1651)

Walker, James (Presbyterian) (1821-1891)

Walker, John (Anglican) (1674-1747)

Walker, Patrick (Presbyterian) (1666-1745)

Walker, Robert (Presbyterian) (1716-1783)

Walker, Samuel (Anglican) (1714-1761)

Wall, William (Anglican) (1647-1728)

Wallis, John (Anglican) (1616-1703)

Walsh, John Johnson (Presbyterian) (1820-1884)

Ward, Nathaniel (Congregationalist - Puritan) (1578-1652)

Ward, Richard (Anglican) (1601-1684)

Warden, John (Presbyterian) (1660?-?)

Warden, John (Presbyterian) (1700?-1764)

Wardlaw, Ralph (Congregationalist) (1779-1853)

Warfield, Benjamin Breckinridge (Grandson of Robert Jefferson Breckinridge) (Presbyterian) (1851-1921)

Warren, Israel Perkins (Congregationalist) (1814-1892)

Washburn, Cephas (Presbyterian) (1793-1860)

Watson, Andrew (Presbyterian) (1834-1896)

Watson, Charles Roger (Presbyterian) (1873-1948)

Watters, Thomas (1840-1901)

Webb, Edward (1819-1898)

Webb, Robert Alexander (Presbyterian) (1856-1919)

Webster, James (Presbyterian) (1658-1720)

Webster, Noah (Congregationalist) (1758-1843)

Webster, Richard (Presbyterian) (1811-1856)

Wedderburn, Alexander (Presbyterian) (1620-1678)

Wedderburn, James (1495-1553)

Weemes, John (Presbyterian - Episcopalian) (1579-1636)

Weir, James Wallace (Presbyterian) (1805-1878)

Welch, David (Presbyterian) (1793-1845)

Welch, John (Presbyterian) (of Ayr) (1568-1622)

Wells, John Dunlap (Presbyterian) (1815-1903)

Werdmuller, Otto (1511-1552)

Werenfels, Samuel (Swiss Reformed) (1657-1740)

Westminster Assembly (1643-1652)

Wharey, James (1749-1842)

Wheelock, Eleazar (Congregationalist) 1711-1779

White, John (1674-1760)

White, Thomas (Anglican) (1550-1624)

White, William Spotswood (Presbyterian) (1800-1873)

Whitecross, John (fl. 1788-1848)

Whitefield, George (Anglican-Episcopal-Calvinistic-Methodist) (1714-1770)

Whitelocke, Bulstrode, Sir (Anglican) (1605-1675)

Whitgift, John (Anglican) (1530-1604)

Whitman, Marcus (1802-1847)

Whittelsey, Abigail Goodrich (1788-1858)

Whittingham, William (Married the Sister of John Calvin) (Started the Geneva Bible Translation) (Anglican) (1524-1579)

Whyte, Alexander (Presbyterian) (1836-1921)

Whytock, George (Presbyterian) (1750-1805)

Wicher, Edward Arthur (Presbyterian) (1872-1957)

Wilkens, Cornelius August (1829-1914)

Wilkinson, Henry (Anglican-Puritan-Presbyterian) (1616-1690)

William I (Prince of Orange) (William the Silent) (1533-1584)

William III (Prince of Orange and King of England) (1650-1702)

Williams, Edward (Welsh Nonconformist) (1750-1813)

Williams, Edward Franklin (Congregationalist) (1832-1919)

Williams, John (Congregationalist- Missionary) (1796-1839)

Williams, John Bickerton (Sir) (1792-1855)

Williams, Samuel Porter (Presbyterian) (1779-1826)

Williams, Samuel Wells (Linguist, Official, Missionary, and Sinologist) (1812-1884)

Willison, John (Presbyterian) (1680-1750)

Williston, Seth (Presbyterian) (1770-1851)

Willson, James McLeod (Presbyterian) (1809-1866)

Willson, James Renwick (Presbyterian) (1780-1853)

Wilson, Elijah (Presbyterian) (1813-1893)

Wilson, James Patriot (Presbyterian) (1769-1830)

Wilson, John (Puritan-Congregationalist) (1561-1667)

Wilson, John Leighton (Presbyterian) (1809-1886)

Wilson, Joseph Gaston (1812-1886)

Wilson, Joshua (Congregationalist) (1795-1874)

Wilson, Joshua Lacy (Presbyterian) (1774-1846)

Wilson, Robert Dick (Presbyterian-Princeton Seminary-Westminster Seminary) (1856-1930)

Wilson, Samuel Ramsey (Presbyterian) (1818-1886)

Wilson, Thomas (1524-1581)

Wilson, Walter (Presbyterian) (1781-1847)

Wilson, William (Presbyterian) (1690-1741)

Wines, Enoch Cobb (Congregationalist) (1806-1879)

Winslow, Octavius (Reformed Baptist-Anglican) (1808-1878)

Wishart, William (secundus) (Presbyterian) (1691-1753)

Witherow, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1824-1890)

Witherspoon, John (Presbyterian) (1723-1794)

Witherspoon, Thomas Dwight (Presbyterian) (1836-1898)

Wodrow, James (Father) (Presbyterian) (1637-1707)

Wodrow, Robert (Son) (Presbyterian) (1679-1734)

Wollebius, Johannes (Swiss Reformed) (1586-1629)

Women in the Church

Wood, James (Presbyterian) (1799-1867)

Woods, Leonard (Congregationalist) (1774-1854)

Woodward, Josiah (Anglican) (1657-1712)

Worcester, John Hopkins Jr. (Presbyterian) (1846-1892)

Wright, Julia McNair (1840-1903)

Wylie, Alexander (British Protestant Christian Missionary) (1815-1887)

Wylie, James Aitken (Presbyterian) (1808-1890)

Wylie, Samuel Brown (Presbyterian) (1773-1852)

Wyttenbach, Daniel (German Enlightenment Theologian) (1706-1779)


Reformed Beliefs Y

Yale, Elisha (Congregationalist) (1780-1853)

Yates, John (Anglican) (1612-1660)

Yonan, Isaac Malek (1869-?)

Young, John (Presbyterian) (1743-1806)

Young, Loyal (Presbyterian) (1806-1890)

Young, Thomas (Presbyterian) (1587-1655)

Reformed Beliefs Z

Zahn, Theodor (German Biblical Scholar) (1838-1933)

Zenos, Andrew Constantinides (1855-1942)

Zinzendorf, Count Nicholas Lewis (Moravian) (1700-1760)

Zockler, Otto (German Theologian) (1833-1906)

Zollikofer, Georg Joachim. (Swiss-German Reformed) (1730-1788)

Zollikoffer, Johann (German Reformed) (1633-1692)

Zubly, John Joachim (German Reformed) (1724-1781

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