Psalms Devotions 5

Psalms 120 - 150

Psalms Devotions 5 concludes this series of Psalms Devotions with Psalms 120 - 150.

These devotions, which were originally published in my Daily Bible Devotions blog, were written to encourage Christians to walk by faith and not by sight as they face their daily struggles in life. The task of writing all of these devotions has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. 

The Psalms are so rich in meaning and practical applications to life that I believe I could begin all over again and not repeat myself.

The Bible is a living Book; you can read it again and again and you will continually find new meaning and strength for you daily Christian walk. Everything I write, therefore, is influenced by my Christian walk as well. 

May God richly bless you as He has me as you conclude these Daily Bible Devotions from the Psalms.

Before we look at each of the Psalms, I would like to share this quote with you from Matthew Henry.

The first and last of the Psalms have both the same number of verses, are both short and very memorable; but the scope of them is very different; the first Psalm is an elaborate instruction in our duty, to prepare us for the comforts of our devotion; this is all rapture and transport, and perhaps was penned on purpose to be the conclusion of those sacred songs, to show what is the design of them all, and that is, to assist us in praising God.

To God be the Glory!

Psalm 120 

Psalm 121 

Psalm 122 

Psalm 123 

Psalm 124 

Psalm 125 

Psalm 126 

Psalm 127 

Psalm 128 

Psalm 129 

Psalm 130 

Psalm 131 

Psalm 132 

Psalm 133 

Psalm 134 

Psalm 135 

Psalm 136 

Psalm 137 

Psalm 138 

Psalm 139 

Psalm 140 

Psalm 141 

Psalm 142 

Psalm 143 

Psalm 144 

Psalm 145 

Psalm 146 

Psalm 147 

Psalm 148 

Psalm 149 

Psalm 150 

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