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The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness. Lamentation 3:22-23

Why Do We Suffer


Why do we suffer? Suffering is not unknown to the elderly. These golden retirement years are not what we had imagined. Gone are the twenties and thirties when

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Reflections from the Elderly

Elderly Reflections Rom 8

Reflections from the Elderly. Viewing life from the perspective of the golden years, Romans 8, verses 16 and 17 take on new meaning.

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Patience in Suffering

2021 Pink Rose Duo

Patience in Suffering. Why do believers suffer? What happened to the peace and joy they were supposed to be experiencing? One of the great mysteries of life ...

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James 5

2021 Pink Lily with Red

James 5. This chapter concludes the book of James with warnings to the rich, a call to patience in suffering, encouragement in prayer, and a final admonition.

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Joseph and Mary

Mary Yellow Rose Center

Joseph and Mary, This, our third devotional on Mary the Mother of Jesus, continues with the life of this amazing couple. What a great honor, though I am not ...

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Free Flower Images

2020 RFF 1

Free Flower Images. Free high definition flower pictures for your own business or personal use. These high quality images are good for cards, wall art, ...

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Royalty Free Images


Royalty Free Images. High resolution images for wall art, cards, canvas pictures, or any other use whether commercial of personal. These images, however,

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Boast in Weakness

James 2 Red Tulips

Boast in Weakness. As we conclude James 4, James encourages us not to boast in arrogance. We do not know what tomorrow may bring, so we should never . . .

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Resist the Devil

James Lavender Flowers

Resist the Devil. James 4, verses 7 through 10 are some of the most profound verses in the Bible. We live in a culture that not only does not believe . . .

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One Lawgiver

James Gold Trumpet Flower

One Lawgiver. James, in chapter 4, verses 11 and 12, reminds us that we have not been given the authority to judge one another for only God has that . . .

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