Psalm 119

Psalms Devotions 4

This fourth section of Psalms Devotions continues with Psalm 119. This is one of the Psalms of David written as a series of steps using the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Each section contains 8 stanzas, beginning with the appropriate Hebrew letter. Because we are reading this Psalm in English, we miss some of the beauty of the format used.

This Psalm has been called,

The Christians' golden ABC of the praise, love, power, and use of the Word of God. Spurgeon, in his Treasury of David said, It deals all along with one subject only, but although it consists of a considerabe number of verses, some of which are very similar to others, yet throughout its one hundred and seventy-six stanzas the self-same thought is not repeated.

How many different ways can you express your love for God? How many different ways can you express your love for God's Word? As you read through this amazing Psalm by David, you have to marvel at the incredible linguistic ability that God gave to him. Is it any wonder that this shepherd boy became one of the greatest kings of Israel?

I have really enjoyed working through this Psalm and hope that you have as much joy reading these devotions as I did in writing them.

God Bless You,

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