Answered Prayers

Here is a series of Bible Devotions discussing answered prayers. Do you find yourself asking, why do my prayers go unanswered? Let us take some time to see what the Bible says about prayer, and some specific times when a prayer was answered.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
James 5:17

It is wonderful to know that because of the advances in technology, we are literally surrounded by Christians from all over the world. Check out the Worthy Prayer Team site, and let me know what you think. God is so good!

Daniel Have you ever considered that a delay in answers to your prayers may be due to Spiritual battles between the angels and demons?

Elijah God had sent prophet after prophet to His people, Israel, and yet at every turn of the road they seem to be rushing after other gods. How did God respond? Can God answer our prayers in such a miraculous way as well?

Gideon I'm not a great person like Daniel or Moses, so how can I expect God to be that interested in my prayers? The answered prayers of Gideon give us a graphic account of the interplay between the Angel of the Lord and Midian. Midian was not known as a mighty man of stature, but was just an ordinary person like you and me.

Hannah How great is your faith? The Prayer of Hannah teaches us of Hannah's great faith and her powerful prayer, helping us to learn the proper way to approach and view our troubles and our adversaries, and how to take them to God in prayer.

Hezekiah How do you face impossible challenges where failure is guaranteed; in reading of the answered prayer of Hezekiah, we find that he was in just such a state.

Jehoshaphat The king of Syria had commanded his men to fight only with Ahab, the king of Israel. Thinking that Jehoshaphat was the king of Israel, a group of soldiers began to pursue him. What do you do when you are in a tight "pinch"? Does God answer your cry for help?

Nation of Israel In this Bible Devotion, The Prayers of Israel, I find it interesting that the words, when they cried to me are used when expressing the prayers of Israel. Who is they? What implication does that have for you today?

Manasseh Do you find yourself calling out to God for help when troubles seems to overpower you, promising to be more faithful to Him, and then forgetting that promise to God when everything returns to normal?

Moses The Bible reveals much to us about this Godly man from his prayers. Though he encountered problem after problem, we find him always coming back to God for help.

Solomon What are we to learn from the answered prayers of Solomon? No matter who we are: rulers or common people, rich or poor, we must all come before God in humility.

Bible Basics... Layers of Understanding Bible Basics…Layers of Understanding was written by people who love God! Written for people who are seeking God, love God, and want to have a closer relationship with God. This is a great site dedicated to practical Christian living.

Practical Discipleship How do you pray to God? Prayer is just communicating with God as we do to one another, but it can be more. Some simple acronyms can help you gain more from your time alone with God.

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Answered Prayers

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