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Protestant Reformers L continues the Online Christian Library with the German Reformer, Martin Luther, and the English Reformer, Hugh Latimer.

1  Certain Godly Sermons Made Upon the Lord's Prayer. (1562)

2  The Works of Hugh Latimer Sometime Bishop of Worchester (Martyr 1555) Volume 1. (1844)

3  The Works of Hugh Latimer Sometime Bishop of Worchester (Martyr 1555) Volume 2. (1844)

1    An open Letter to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation, Concerning the Reform of the Christian Estate. (1520)

2    Commentary on Galatians (1844)

3    Commentary on Genesis Volume 1

4    Commentary on Genesis Volume 2

5    Commentary on the First Twenty Two Psalms Volume 1

6    Commentary on the First Twenty Two Psalms Volume 2

7    Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount. (1892)

8    Explanation of Luther's Small Catechism. (1900)

9    First Principles of the Reformation: or, The Ninety-Five Theses and the Three Primary Works of Dr. Martin Luther Translated into English. (1885)

9    Letters of Martin Luther. (1908)

10  Letters with Martin Luther's Preface and Containing a General View of the Works of Huss. (1846)

11  Luther's Catechetical Writings: God's Call to Repentance, Faith, and Prayer. Volume 1 (1907)

12  Luther’s Two Catechisms Explained by himself, in Six Classic Writings. (1908)

13  Primary Works with Larger and Shorter Catechisms, Translated into English. (1896)

14  Sermons on I Peter, II Peter and Jude. (1859)

15  Special and Chosen Sermons of Dr. Martin Luther. (1578)

16  The Bondage of the Will. (1823)

17   The Book of Vagabonds and Beggars: With a Vocabulary of their Language. (1860)

18  The Epistles of St. Peter & St. Jude, Preached & Explained (1859)

19   The Familiar Discourses Volume 1. (1840)

20   The Familiar Discourses Volume 2. (1840)

21   The Life and Death of Dr. Martin Luther. (1733)

22   The Table Talk of Dr. Martin Luther. (1893)

23   Thirty Four Sermons on the Most Interesting Doctrines of the Gospel: Discovering Clearly and Evidently to Every Capacity, the Difference Between Faith and Works. (1767)

24  Works of Martin Luther Volume 1. (1915)

25  Works of Martin Luther Volume 2. (1915)

26  Works of Martin Luther Volume 7. (1903)

27  Works of Martin Luther Volume 8. (1903)

28  Works of Martin Luther Volume 9. (1903)

29  Works of Martin Luther Volume 10. (1903)

30  Works of Martin Luther Volume 11. (1903)

31  Works of Martin Luther Volume 12. (1903)

32  Works of Martin Luther Volume 13. (1903)

33  Works of Martin Luther Volume 14. (1903)

Protestant Reformers L is a work in progress. More links will be added when they become available.

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