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Protestant Reformers K includes links to works by and about John Knox, that great Scottish reformer who lived in the 1500's.

John Knox, a Scottish clergyman was embroiled in the political events of Scotland which called for his being exiled to England in 1549, where he wrote many of his works while serving as a royal chaplain to King Edward VI. When Mary Tudor ascended the throne and re-established Roman Catholicism, he was forced to resign his position and leave the country. Moving to Geneva, he became acquainted with many well-known reformers including John Calvin, from whom he gained knowledge of Reformed theology and Presbyterian polity. 

On returning to Scotland, he led the Protestant Reformation there which eventually led to the ousting of Mary of Guise, the mother of Mary Queen of Scots. Though failing to do so, he continually sought to persuade Mary to give up her Catholic practices, even openly calling for her execution.

Knox, John (1514-1572)

Protestant Reformers K

1   The Book of Common Order - Commonly Called John Knox's Liturgy. (1873)

2   The First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women. (1878)

3   The History of the Reformation of the Church of Scotland Contained in Five Books Together With Some Treatises Conducing to the History. (1831)

4   The Works of John Knox Volume 1. (1846)

5   The Works of John Knox Volume 2. (1846)

7   The Works of John Knox Volume 4. (1846)

7   The Works of John Knox Volume 5. (1846)

8   The Works of John Knox Volume 6. (1846)

The following is an excerpt from the "Advertisement" page of Volume 1 of The Works of John Knox.

This publication of the Works of John Knox, it is supposed, will extend to Five Volumes. It was thought advisable to commence the series with his History of the Reformation in Scotland, as the work of greatest importance. The next volume will thus contain the Third and Fourth Books, which continue the History to the year 1564; at which period his historical labours may be considered to terminate. But the Fifth Book, forming a sequel to the History, and published under his name in 1644, will also be included. His Letters and Miscellaneous Writings will be arranged in the subsequent volumes, as nearly as possible in chronological order; each portion being introduced by a separate notice, respecting the manuscript or printed copies fro which they have been taken. 

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