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Lutheran Religion O continues our Online Christian Library with Lutheran orthodoxy as provided by links to the Lutheran books by Gustav Oehler.

1    Theology of the Old Testament Volume 1 (1874)

2    Theology of the Old Testament Volume 2 (1874)

Gustav Friedrich Oehler, one of the German Lutherans, was born at Ebingen on June 10, 1812. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Bonn, and in 1852, returned to the University of Tubingen as director of the seminary and professor of Old Testament Theology. 

The following is an excerpt from his "Opening Words" of his work, Theology of the Old Testament, Volume 1.

Gentlemen, in resuming our academic activity after long interruption, we all doubtless feel emotions of mingled joy and sorrow. We thank God for the deeds of deliverance by which He hath glorified Himself in our nation, and for the gracious protection which makes it possible for us to pursue here the works of peace while the conflict still surges without; we trust that He will bring forth judgment to victory, and from the pangs of these days bring forth for our nation a felicity worthy of the sacrifices offered. But, on the other side, we may not doubt still incalculable; that perhaps it bears in its lap many new sufferings, and will yet add many to the lamented sacrifices which already have fallen on the altar of our Fatherland. In such critical moments, in lieu of this is ready to cradle himself in sanguine dreams, the Christian to read God's ways, as the source from which in all circumstances we are to draw doctrine and counsel, admonition and comfort. In share, as a prophetic word unveiling the divine purposes and the goal of all God's ways, and displaying in every crisis of the fortunes of nations the coming of the God who judgeth and delivereth the world, perfecting His own kingdom;--as an historic word holding up to us a mirror in which we see the severity and goodness of God in the guiding of men: His severity against those who, revolting from Him, harden themselves in pride and lies; His goodness to those who, in repentance and humility, give Him honour and walk in His paths;--finally, as a word of prayer which teaches us in every case to seek God's face, and to seek help from Him. In the course of recent years it has often been said, especially in ecclesiastical assemblies, that a special need of the age is a better recognition of the importance of the Old Testament for religious knowledge and life--that the treasures of this book, so little known, especially to so-called persons of culture, be more fully laid open to the body of the Church.

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