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Lutheran Religion G continues our Online Christian Library under the category of Lutheran orthodoxy with links to the Lutheran books by Johannes Grabe.

1   An Essay upon two Arabic Manuscripts of the Bodleian Library Called the Doctrine of the Apostles. (1711)

2   Some Instances of the Defects and Omissions in Mr. Whiston's Collection of Testimonies, Against the True Deity of the Son and the Holy Spirit. (1712)

John Ernest Grabe, was actually an Anglican who presented his views to a Lutheran consistory in the late 1600's. Coming to England, he was ordained at Oxford in 1700, and became the chaplain of Christ Church. His works shown above are both essays against Mr. Whiston.

The following is an excerpt from his work, An Essay Against Mr. Whiston, concerning That Ancient Book, called The Doctrine of the Apostles.

To the Right Reverend Father in God, William, Lord Bishop of Worcester.

My Lord,

When I first had the Honour to wait upon Your Lordship, I was receiv'd not as a Stranger, but as a familiar Friend; Nay, your Lordship was pleased to embrace me, as a Father doth a Son; and has afterwards in many Respects been so very kind, so indulgent, and so gracious to me, that I always thought, and ever shall think my self highly obliged to Your Lordship, even as a Son to a Father. But it has been my Misfortune, that I never yet had an Opportunity, to shew publickly my most humble Duty to Your Lordship, in such a Manner as I would, and to give a solemn Token of my hearty Thankfulness for the many and singular Favours bestow'd upon me.

Wherefore I now lay hold of this Occasion, and presume to dedicate even this small Treatise, (being the First, which I do publish in the English Tongue for the Service of the Church) to Your Lordship, who was the First of all the Bishops of this Church that shew'd me real Kindnesses; altho' I have receiv'd since not a few from others also of that Apostolical Order.

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