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Lutheran Religion A continues our Online Christian Library with links to those who wrote Lutheran books which held to Lutheran orthodoxy.

1  True Christianity or the Whole Economy of God towards Man, and the Whole Duty of Man towards God in 4 Volumes Volume 1 & Volume 2. (1809)

Johann Arndt  was one of the German Lutherans who wrote several devotional books. He was born in Edderitz in 1555, also living in Helmstedt and Wittenberg where the crpto-Calvinist debate was in full swing, taking the part of Melanchthon. Like Martin Luther, one of his favorite Lutheran books was, Theologia Germanica, written in the 14th century by an anonymous author, publishing an edition of it himself.

The following is an excerpt from the "Preface of the Author," of his book, True Christianity.

How great and detestable the abuse of the holy gospel is, in these last dregs of the world, abundantly appears from the manners and conduct of those, that boast loudly of Christ, and of the purity of his word; but lead at the same time, a life so profligate, and altogether so antichristian, as if they lived not among christians, but heathens themselves, and professed infidels. This dismal state religion is reduced to in an age wherein vice, and an empty hypocritical pretence, has got the ascendant every where, has prevailed with me at last to publish this treatise; for no other end than that those who are as yet of a good will, and not quite carried away with the vogue or torrent of the times, may know at least, where TRUE CHRISTIANITY does consist; viz. In the demonstration of a true, lively, and practical faith, manifesting and exerting its life and energy by unfeigned godliness, and suitable fruits of righteousness; the name of a CHRISTIAN being given us, not only as we believe in Christ, but also as we live in him, and as he again lives in us.

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