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Nakskow, Petrus Sachariae (1635-1695)

1  The Articles of Faith of the Holy Evangelical Church According to the Augsburg Confession Set Forth in Forty Two Sermons. (1754)

The following is an excerpt from the Lutheran book by Nakskow, Articles of Faith of The Holy Evangelical Church, According to The Word of God and the Ausburg Confession, Set forth in Forty Sermons.

It is now going on five Years since I arriv'd here from the West-Indies, in order, if I should like the Place, to settle here, or else remove to Copenhagen, where I have had my Education, in the Royal University; though born in the Island of St. Thomas, under Subjection of his most Sovereign Majesty the King of Denmark: But I cannot express how I was griev'd in my Mind, when, upon Inquiry after the State of our Holy Evangelical Church and Brethren, I mostly met with a general Contempt and Disrecommendation (sic), partly occasion'd by the bad and immoral Lives of so well Preachers as some of their Hearers; partly by the great Prejudice that prevailed among the other Congregations, concerning our Holy Doctrine: And therefore I resolv'd to translate the Forty Sermons, of the Worthy Magister Petrus Zachariae Nakskow, upon the Articles of our Faith, in order to have them printed; First, For the better Conviction of all who are unacquainted with the Purity of our Holy Doctrine; and Secondly, For the Edification of them that are desirous to be instructed in the true Way to Salvation. And since the Honourable Vestry have chosen me to be an Elder of our Church, in the City of New York, I thought it proper to dedicate this, my well-meaning Labour, to them.

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