John 4

John 4 continues our study of the Gospel of John with the very familiar encounter between Jesus and the woman at the well, followed by one of the longest discourses of John the Baptist. Packed within the verses of this chapter are some of the most power doctrinal statements about the Lord Jesus Christ, the Living Water, who was and is, indeed, the Son of God, and the only Savior of mankind. Being very God and very man, He was the only one who could sufficiently pay for our great debt of sin against a Holy and Righteous God!

He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

John 4:36, King James Version

Beginning with the woman at the well, John 4 deals expressly with what it means to be a Christian. First Jesus speaks to the woman at the well of living water which will keep her from ever thirsting again. Then, we read a long discourse by John the Baptist regarding Jesus, the Son of God. There should be no doubt in his follower's eyes that Jesus was, indeed, the Messiah. This chapter ends with the proclamation that those who believe on the Son have everlasting life, but those who do not believe will not see life, but, rather, God's wrath abides on them!

Bible Devotions from John 4

Jesus Rested - Verses 1-6

Jesus rested at the well in Samaria. Do you think He only sat down at the well to rest? Do you think it was an accident that He was sitting alone at the well in Sychar? Do you think He only sat down at the well to rest?

Woman at the Well - Verses 7-14

The Woman at the Well is a continuation of our study of the Gospel of John, chapter 4. We enter into another fascinating conversation that Jesus had, this time with a Samaritan woman. Remember, Jesus sat down here to rest while his disciples left to buy food. While he was sitting there a Samaritan woman came to draw water from the well.

Living Water - Verses 15-21

Continuing His discussion about living water with the woman at the well, we learn that Jesus understood the true heart of this Samaritan woman. Jesus, being the Son of God, understood the desire of the woman's heart.

The Messiah - Verses 22-30

The Messiah has come. Jesus and the woman at the well conclude their conversation in the Gospel of John, chapter 4, as Jesus explains that salvation will come from the Jews.

Lift Your Eyes - Verses 31-38

Lift your eyes and look unto the fields, Jesus told His disciples, for the fields are white already to harvest. Returning with food, they wrongly assumed He was speaking of earthly food, but, as was often the case, Jesus had a heavenly meaning far more important than any earthly food could be!

A Testimony - Verses 39-42

If you have ever been called upon to give a testimony of your belief in Christ, you know that it can be a scary thought. John 4 tells about a Samaritan woman who, in her great excitement, rushed to all of her friends and neighbors with her testimony of what great things she heard from Jesus, the Messiah.

Faith of Faith - Verses 43-54

How much faith is required to be a true Christian? Oh the faith of faith. In this chapter is recorded Jesus' second miracle in Galilee. In the beginning we learn that the nobleman believes that Jesus must come to his house to heal his son. Jesus could have done that; as a matter of fact often He did. Why not this time?

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