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Baptist Beliefs W concludes this section of the online Christian library with the Baptist sermons of Samuel Wilson from the 18th century.

Wilson, Samuel (1702-1750)

Sermons on Various Subjects and Occasions (1753)

The complete title page of this works reads as follows:

Sermons on Various Subject and Occasions, by the late Reverend Mr. Samu8el Wilson: Two of which Were published in his Life-Time, and The Rest taken from his own Manuscripts, To which is prefixed A Short Account of his Character, In an Oration delivered at his Interment, by Joseph Stennett.

The Preface of this work begins with the following:

This volume appears in the world to gratify the pressing instances of many of the worthy author's friends, who either received their first serious impressions under his awakening and instructive ministry, or were established in the important doctrines of Christianity, and mourished up in experimental and practical religion by that good food which, by the grace of God, he dispensed among them. As it was the pleasure of the great Disposer of all things to call him to himself, in the midst of his days, and of his usefulness, it was their desire to recover, if possible, some of those discourses which they had heard from his lips with much benefit and delight: and they have encouraged themselves to hope, that, though unassisted with the advantages of his serious, and persuasive manner of address from the pupit, yet they might happily revive some of those influences they had formerly felt, and be of the same profit to others. These considerations prevailed on those, on whom the right of the author's manuscripts devolved, at his decease, to consent to this publication.

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