Baptist Beliefs P

Baptist Beliefs P consists of a work which includes eleven Baptist sermons preached by Reverend John Piggott in the early 18th century.

Piggott, John (?-1713)

Baptist Beliefs P

Eleven Sermons Preached upon Special Occasions, by the Late Reverend John Piggott, Minister of the Gospel. Being All that was Printed in his Lifetime. Together with Mr. Pilkington’s Recantation of the Errors of the Romish Church, as was Published by Mr. Piggott. To which is Added, Mr. Piggott’s Funeral Sermon, which was Preached by Mr. Joseph Stennett: Containing some Account of his Life and Character. (1714)

The work shown above represents eleven Baptist sermonds, a recantation of the errors of the Roman Church, and a the funeral sermon preached at Reverend Piggott's funeral by Mr. Joseph Stennett which also contains some accounts of his life and character.

Here is an excerpt from the first sermon in the book entitled, "A Good King and his People, the Special Care of Heaven." This sermon was preached on April 16, 1696, at a public thanksgiving service, "For the Discovery and Defeat of the late Detestable Conspiracy against His Majesty's Person, and of a Design'd Invasion from France. 

Psalm 144:10 "It is He that giveth Salvation unto Kings: who delivereth David his Servant, from the hurtful Sword."

I presume that upon the very reading these Words, you are convinc'd that they are not unsuitable to the Work of this Day; who are here before the Almighty, to acknowledge that he hath eminently given Salvation to our King, and hath miraculously deliver'd him from the hurtful Sword; by bringing to light the hidden Works of Darkness, by baffling and defeating the late barbarous Conspiracy of wicked Men to assassinate his Royal Person, and to rob his Subjects of their established Liberties, by encouraging and assisting an Invasion from France. 

Especially considering that this Psalm, os which my Test is a part, is thought to have been composed after the Death of Saul, and in the beginning of David's Reign. . . . . 

What an interesting perspective we receive from reading sermons such as these long after the event which occasioned the writing of this sermon. We have the greater perspective of seeing God's hand of providence on this country, now over 400 years later, as well as His hand of providence on other parts of this world, including countries that were not yet born, such as the United States of America, which was greatly influenced by the spiritual temperament of England as evidenced in these early works.

It is truly a great and wondrous God we serve!

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