Psalm 119 Vs 137-144


A Bible Devotion from Psalm 119 Vs 137-144

Righteous Forever!

137 Righteous are you, O Lord, and right are your rules.

138 You have appointed your testimonies in righteousness and in all faithfulness.

139 My zeal consumes me, because my foes forget your words.

140 Your promise is well tried, and your servant loves it.

141 I am small and despised, yet I do not forget your precepts.

142 Your righteousness is righteous forever ,and your law is true.

143 Trouble and anguish have found me out, but your commandments are my delight.

144 Your testimonies are righteous forever; give me understanding that I may live.

Psalm 119 Vs 137-144, NKJV

This section of Psalm 119 is perhaps the pinnacle of Psalm 119 as it is totally dedicated to the righteousness of God. Verse 136, which ended the last octet, told us that the Psalmist shed streams of tears because people do not keep God's Law. This octet flows right from that thought by exalting the righteousness of the Lord and His Law. Here is a passage of Scripture you can completely rest in with total peace. 

How often we are looking, in this life, for the fountain of youth, or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As a Christian we have it right now! Here is righteousness, complete and pure, that not only lives within us now, but will be there for all eternity. God's righteousness is faithful forever! It is not possible for us to ever attain to the state of righteousness by ourselves, because we are born in sin. 1 John 2:29 explains it this way: If you know that He is righteous, you may be sure that everyone who practices righteousness has been born of Him. This is true because the only source of righteousness is God! 

We, as Christians, are a total enigma to non-believers. They cannot understand how we can be in trouble and anguish and yet we are completely delighted God and in His Word. That is because we understand that grief, sorrow, and affliction are part of this world that is consumed with sin and evil. But, this world is not our home! We are able to look to God and His Word with delight for we know that our true home is with God where complete righteousness lives forever! 

Now we understand Psalm 119 Tsadhe Vs 144 when David says, Give me understanding that I may live. Unbelievers tell us to let go and live, but the path they are traveling is the path of death. True life and true living are only found in God and His righteousness. 

Pray today that you will live and take joy and comfort all day in the total righteousness of God as the Psalmist did in Psalm 119 Vs 137-144. 

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