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Fill in the Who am I Poetry Form below following these directions.

Write a Who am I Poem. The poem needs to be 50 lines or less (each line is up to 50 characters in length). If your poem is longer, the lines over 50 will not appear.

Your Who am I Poem must be related to the Teen Devotion, Who am I and must be written by a teen or about teens.

The best entries will be published on the Teen Contest, Who am I page.

Your poem can be personal or general, and can be about anyone. If you know of a special person who lives close to the Lord, describe them in a poem.

Maybe you want to write about your desire to be a more Godly Christian. You may also use characters from the Bible, or fictitious characters.

Really, there are no specific rules other than your poem must show a relation to the Who am I Devotional Your poem will not be given to anyone else, and my rights only include the right to publish it here. You may enter as often as you wish.

Submit your poem on the form below. Please use a separate form for each poem or essay you complete.

Who am I Poems Contest

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