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Who am I Essays

Who am I?

by Kate from Florida

I walk through the halls, seeing all the different cliques our culture has formed. I wonder, Who am I? Am I part of the gothic croud who finds no meaning in life? Am I a cheerleader who thinks they have more to offer than anyone else? Am I the athletic type that plays sports with the guys? I have found that I am so more than that. I am a professing believer. I am one of God's children. As I roam the world, facing challenges everyday in life, I remember that God is there no matter what. Even if that kid is being really irritating, or that cute boy doesn't like me, I know that doesn't matter. All that matters is that we are professing believers every day in life. So I no longer wonder. I know, for a fact, that I am God's child and noone can take that away!

Thank you, Kate, for sending your essay to my Who am I Essays page. You so truthfully express what every Christian teen faces in the culture in which we live today. You are so very right! All that matters is that we are professing believers every day in life. May God grow you and make you more and more like Christ. No one can take that away!

God Bless You,

Who am I Essays

Who am I?

by Lola from the United Kingdom

I am a girl. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a friend. I am a student. I am a Christian.

I sense God, every time I read the Bible, or pray, I sense God is with me. He answers my prayers, He tells me what to do. I can either choose to obey, or go with my own way.

What I desire most is to always obey. Even when its hard, I know I have to listen to that voice in the back of my head that tells me to do something else. I only hear that voice if I listen closely, if I open my heart and let God help me. He's all loving and He's always willing to help; the hard thing is to let Him, to let him have His way, and know what is better.

This is often shown in the area of purity. I love a boy, he loves me. But I also love God. Do I show my love to the boy by having sex with him, and disobey God to have my way? Or do I say "God, I want to go Your way. You have a better plan for me." It sometimes feels like the temptation is so strong, you literally have to leave the room to obey, but God promises that any temptation He puts to us will never be too hard to resist. He's right...if you ask God for help, if you give God all you have, nothing will ever be too strong to resist, and you will be at the centre of Gods will.

Give God all you have, let God have all His ways, pray, sing, rejoice in His presence, and you will find your way, you will find Gods way, you will find yourself. But if you hold onto your life, have your way, you will get your life... and loose it.

Thank you, Lola, for sending your essay to my Who am I Essays page. You do a wonderful job of expressing the great struggle we have to be obedient to the Lord, especially in a world that teaches us to live for ourselves. I love you ending - how sad, but true. Those who choose to live their life for the world will one day lose their life. May God give you the strength to continue to live for His glory.

God Bless You,

Who am I Essays

Who am I?

by Madison from Georgia

Who am I? I am a thirteen year old girl who is a Christian. I am a child of the Lord and will always be. I believe in the Lord and every thing about Him and everything He has done for us. For instance, I believe He loves each and everyone of us and that He will always be there for us. Do you believe?

Who am I? I am a girl who stays focused in Christ and His love her each and everyone of us. I will always know Him as my Lord and Savior and hope you do too.

Who am I? Am I a child of Christ? Am I the one and only? Well, yes and no. I am a child of Christ but I'm definitely not the one and only; there are many, many more! He loves each and every one of us and I hope each and every one of us know that.

Thank you, Madison, for submitting you essay to my Who am I Essays page. What a vibrant testimony of your love for the Lord. Many times we feel, as Christians, that we are the only one, but you have correctly reminded us that there are many, many more! Thanks for sharing with us!

God Bless You,

Who am I Essays

Who am I?

by Alex from Pennsylvania

Who am I? Am I a lonely forgotten child waiting for something to come save me? Or, am I a child who is found but doesn't want to be saved?.

Who am I? Am I a person walking blindly on a road of pain and suffering trying to find the right path, the path of Christ that is good?

Who am I? The question that goes through my head day and night. I keep searching for the answer. But, then I found peace in knowing that God knows who I am. And that is who I am, A Child Of God trying to follow him and doing what's right.

I find peace in that answer.

Thank you, Alex, for submitting your essay to my Who am I Essays page. I find peace in that answer as well. That really is all that matters, is it not? Thanks for sharing with us!

God Bless You,

Who am I Essays

I Am a Teen

by Jeremiah from Pennsylvania

I am a teen, and I love to play basketball. My favorite team in NBA is the Seventy-sixers.
I go to karate twice a week, to learn self discipline and how to defend myself.
I also like to read scary story books.
I go to the youth group at church on Friday evenings, to learn more about God.
I always workout and like to play with pets.
I am blessed to have a good home.

Thank you for submitting your essay to my Who am I Essays page. I really liked this essay, Jeremiah; you show that Christians are real people. We like many of the same things non-Christians do. This is important to understand because our Christianity should not be a separate entity, but is the foundation of everything we do.

God Bless You,

Who am I Essays

I Am a New Creation

by Barbie from California

2 Corinthians 5:17 (Amplified Bible) 17Therefore if any person is [ingrafted] in Christ (the Messiah) he is a new creation (a new creature altogether); the old previous moral and spiritual condition] has passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come!

Satan has no new schemes up his sleeve. He knows he is a beaten foe, so the only recourse he can think of is to pit our own flaws and failings against us to make us feel inadequate in God's plan. If he can cause us to doubt that we can be used of God than he has won a huge battle.

I love the scene in the Lion King when Simba is grown to a young adult and he is having a conversation with the Rafiki in the field. Simba is looking back at the mistakes of his past and feeling so much guilt and Rafiki smakes him on the head with his stick. Simba says, "that hurt!"

Rafiki says, "I know, but it's in the past."

Your past is just that, THE PAST. It has no hold on you. You are a new creation in Christ. Old things, lives, mistakes, hurts, pain....is in the past and is to be no more of who you are now.

Celebrate the new you in Christ, He has wonderful plans for you and all the help available for the asking.

Thank you, Barbie for submitting your essay to my Who am I Essays page. What a wonderful reminder to let the past stay in the past, and press on to the future. I am ready to celebrate!
Very nicely done,

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