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Poetry is a new love for me; I really had fun writing my poem,
and I am really enjoying your submissions.

God Bless You,

Who am I Poems

Who am I?

Brianne from British Columbia

Who am I
To be counted worthy
of a Love that came to earth
through a humble quiet birth
of humble virgin born.

Who am I
that You, oh Lord,
the Bright and Morning Star
Prince of Peace, my all in all
would bleed and die for me

Who am I
To find favor
In your merciful sight
To be called from dreadful plight
To be asked to be Your child

Who am I
that You would
pardon all my sin
and come to live within
my heart and give me peace

Who am I
that when I fall
You pick me up again
And joy You then resend
to my crying heart.

Who am I
to be allowed
some glorious day
my tears to be wiped away
in Heaven, my eternal home.

Who am I
to stand before You
and be told how endlessly
You love a girl like me;
Such love i cannot fathom.

Here I am
Lord, to thank you
for showing me Your grace
and giving me a place
for showing me who i am.

I am Yours
Forever will I be
alive for you alone
I will worship at your throne
until my final breath.

I am yours
Your light to shine around
to burn for you and show
your grace to others so
they too can know your love.

Thank you, Brianne, for submitting your poem to my Who am I Poems page. What a lovely way of showing us so beautifully and humbly how amazing it is that God should love us, for, truly, we are so unworthy of His wondrous love and grace.
God Bless You,

Who am I Poems

I Am a Sinner

Becca from Texas

I am a sinner
I am a daughter
Yet I can be a winner
When God is my father
I am not perfect
But when you look within
God sees my beauty
And who I am
I am lost
Looking for a way
Yet Jesus Christ found me
He's shown me today
I am not a loser
Though sometimes it feels so
I cry
Yet God saves all my tears
And keeps my face dry
I fail
Yet somehow make it through
I get confused
Though through the Holy Spirit I know what to do
I am a missionary
In my own school
I have a purpose
My time to make changes is already here
I will go forward
And excel according to Gods choosing
And I am loved
This I will never doubt
God loves me
And that's what life is all about

Yes, Becca, that's what life is all about! Thank you for taking the time to submit your poem to my Who am I Poems page. It is true, we are more than just sinners. Because we are redeemed, we are servants of God--missionaries wherever He places us!

God Bless You,

Who am I Poems

I Broke the Cross of Jesus

Christina from Qatar

I broke the Cross of Jesus.
The one he beared for me.
Beneath the strain of shame and sin
no longer could it be.

Although the cross weighted heavy,
He asked no help that day.
Stumbling, dragging, pulling hard,
He made it all the way.

His hands were nailed,
his feet were bound,
His side was pierced in pain.
But still he prayed and asked his God:

"Father forgive them", he cried out loud,
"for they know not what they do".
And when he died the world soon knew,
He was Lord for me and you.

And now the cross is broken,
from weight of lasting sin.
And no one stands with open heart,
to let the savior in.

So now we know what we must do
to some day gain our lost.
We must pray each day,
and turn from sin,

Thank-you, Christina, what a moving poem! You certainly captured the essence of the salvation Christ bought for us, and the only response we can give to fix The Broken Cross.
Thank you, Christina, for submitting your poem to my Who am I Poems page.
God Bless You,

Who am I Poems

Who Am I?

Faith from Maryland

Eager, excited
for the new year
with my new book-bag and pencils
notebooks and shoes

But this time
it’s different, you see
this is not elementary school

more and more teasing
crueler and crueler

more and more pressure
crushing me

more expectations
lurking in the shadows

more people waiting
to laugh when I fall

everything changes so quickly
so fast
until I wonder
Who am i?

I want to fit in
I want to have friends
I want acceptance
I want more than I have

Anything, anything
to gain what I desire
If everyone approves it
I will surrender

Heavy black liner, shadow, and gloss
a hard, fake mask of makeup
smeared onto my face?
I will do it, I will

Tiny tiny skirts and low cut tops?
I will buy them, and I will wear them

Lie to my parents and yell at my brother?
Yes, alright.
I promise I will

Go up to boys
And let their eyes and hands
I will let them
I will, I will

Because I don’t matter
It’s everyone else that does
Yet all this doesn’t help
I am still alone
All by myself

I gave everything up, and still it’s not enough
I thought I would be happy
But I was wrong

I am still wondering
Who am i?

A new day begins
I want to be free
to fly up, up high
Not to stay grounded
with everyone else

I wash my face
I change my clothes
I apologize to my family
And rediscover my dignity

No more following
and no more pandering

Who am i?
Well, I know now

The truth is
I am me.

Thank-you, Faith, for this incredible poem. You paint a very realistic picture of what teens face today ending with the futility of it all. Then, the proper conclusion: No more following, and no more pandering.Thank you, Faith, for submitting your poem to my Who am I Poems page.
May God continue to bless you richly.

Who am I Poems

Daughter of a Lion

Amalita from Cairo, Egypt

Daughter of A Lion,
And take care of His Sheep.
Daughter of A Lion,
Shepherd His Sheep.
Daughter of A Lion,
Feed His Shepherd.
Daughter of An Eagle,
Renew His feathers.
Daughter of An Eagle,
Throw His young to fly.
Daughter of An Eagle,
Strengthen His young birds.
Daughter of the Shepherd,
Hear the voice of His Lions.
Daughter of the Shepherd,
Roles His Lions.
Daughter of the Shepherd,
Discipline His Lions.
Daughter of the King,
Has only one Bride.
Daughter of the King,
Pointed to His Mother and Brothers.
Daughter of the King,
Turned the water to wine.

This is a very thought provoking poem; it is one to read again and again to gain the full depth of its meaning.
Thank you for sending this, Amalita.
Thank you, Amalita, for submitting your poem to my Who am I Poems page.
God Bless You,

Who am I Poems

I Am Who I Am

Re'Shantia from California

When I look in the mirror
Do I know who I see?
Yes, I see a child of the King

Some may call me not so pretty and others may look at me with pity

But although I'm different and not the same as you
I was created by the same man who created you

I was made in His image and made in His likeness
So why do you judge me the way you do

I know who I am beautiful, strong, and courageous at heart
So, Look at me, Look at I'm set apart
Set apart to be something special

I'm a child of a King who died for me
A child of a King who rules everything

And yes I feel really good about myself

Because the one who made me is the very Best.

What a beautiful poem which so artfully expresses such a beautiful truth!
Thank you, Re'Shantia, for submitting your poem to my Who am I Poems page.
Thank you for sharing it with us,

I Can See That I Can Love
Jane from California

Love is always patient, love is always kind, love is never envious or arrogant with pride.

I can see that I can love.

I turn up the radio to hear this new song about the deep and tender affection one can have.

I can see that I can love.

I open the dictionary to read love's definition, and it tells me it is everlasting.

I can see that I can love.

Others question how I spend my life, what I value, what I shun.

I can see that I can love.

I may never find the right boy for me, but that does not matter at all.

I can see that I can love.

No matter where life goes, I will always have the one I need.

I can see that I can love.

I've known for a long time that my life already is complete.

I can see that I can love.

Who is this person that I am?

I am the one who walks with God.

And you know what?

I can see that I can love.

You are so right! Because we have experienced the love of God, we know how to love.
Thank you, Jane, for submitting your poem to my Who am I Poems page.
What great insight,

Who am I Poems

I Can Feel You Moving

Shelly from Texas

I can feel You moving...
You're coming like a flood...
I'm surrounded by Your beauty
while I'm covered in Your blood.
When the winds of doubt
creep into my head
You come straight to my resce
and fill me instead
with Your wonderful peace;
so comforting, so sweet!
Pulled in close to Your arms
while I praise you at Your feet!
Oh, Your glorious calm!
So amazingly strong!
You show me as I cry for You
that You've been here all along!
And now up to the top
You're filling me with You.
And I'm shocked by the intensity
of the joy that You renew.
Like a cool wind of relief
in the blister of high noon;
is how it feels to know that You
are on Your way back soon!
I look up in amazement
as I can finally see
Your umbrella of protection
that has always covered me!

I love the flow of this poem! It begins gently, builds in intensity, and then resolves with the truth that God was there all along.
Thank you, Shelly, for submitting your poem to my Who am I Poems page.
Good work,

Who am I Poems

Those sitting around me

Kimberly from the United States

Those sitting around me,
all have a life.
They don't know this,
but I reflect a light.
The most beautiful light,
shining with a rainbow
of love.
Darkness disintergrates,
solitude sinks,
to the deepest of seas.
Instead of tatooing the word,
He tatooed the verb:
A lonely girl,living in obscurity,
in a hole where nobody helped me. Instead, they continued to
push me, down,
down, down.
Walking the plank, into the tornado, a whirlwind, the world.
That girl is gone now.
She is God's.
The peole sitting here,
waiting to arrive, might not know this:
I am....in love with God.

I really loved this poem. You are right, the world continually pushes us down, but in Christ we are no longer affected.
Thank you, Kimberly, for submitting your poem to my Who am I Poems page.
Thanks for sending it to us,

Who am I Poems

The Second Coming

Sam from Malawi

there lies a time
when I shall come again
and clear the way out
for those that have obeyed
there awaits a day
a moment of either or
between disgrace and eternal rhapsody
the preemptied second coming
of our Lord Jesus Christ
is the waiting memento
and the forth-coming judgement day
lets pray hard
to save ourself a chance

You captured the true essence of the Christian life in this poem. Our only hope is in Christ, and how we long for the 2nd coming.
Thank you, Sam, for submitting your poem to my Who am I Poems page.
God Bless You,

Who am I Poems

The Colour of Life

Khwereliwa from Malawi

I want to know
what the colour of life is
is it white like snow
or it is pale like yellow

is life sweetly colured like an orange or a water-melon
or it is sourly coloured like a lemon

is life so transparent like the atmosphere
or it is so opaque like blood

life I hope is conditional
I think it is subjective
I ponder it as selective
I percieve it as lovely, cruel
and patiently impatient
these are my best colours of life
that is if you are
an unrepentant sinner
or unless otherwise
life is good

As a person who loves color, and even thinks in colors, I really loved this poem. Yes, in Christ, life is good!
Thank you, Khwereliwa, for submitting your poem to my Who am I Poems page.
God Bless You,

Who am I Poems

Who am I?

Aminta in Ohio

Oh yes, I know who I am, but can you see?
Is it as plain to you as it is to me?
I hope you see, I'm a child of the King!
I want it to be known, so loudly I'll sing,
Of His grace, forgiveness, and mercy on me,
And those binding chains from which He set me free
He loves you lots too! So let His praises ring!
And the thanks for what He's done, to Him bring

What a beautiful testimony of your love for the Lord.
Thank you, Aminta, for submitting your poem to my Who am I Poems page.
Thanks be to Him,

Who am I Poems

Who am I?
Linda Croft

Who am I in a world filled with woe?
What is my purpose? Where will I go?
God is my Master; His love is true;
He will be with me, whate’er I do.

Friends will forsake me when times are tough,
God will be with me; that is enough.
Jesus has died that I might be free
He is my Saviour; He is my Key.

Life’s goals are nought when God is denied;
Only His truth will always abide;
Help me, Oh God, to live just for You
Save me, and help me, and keep me true.

Who am I in a world filled with woe?
What is my purpose? Where will I go?
God is my Master; His love is sure;
Only His truth will ever endure.

©Linda Croft, Who am I Poems
June 25, 2006

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