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Puritans Beliefs P continues our Online Christian Library with links to the works of such famous Puritans as William Perkins, Matthew Poole, and Thomas Prince.

1   Lord Bacon not the Author of ’The Christian Paradoxes’: Being a Reprint of ‘Memorials of Godliness and Christianity.’ (1865)

1   A Collection of Family Prayers: With Various Occasional Forms from the Devotional Writings of Sundry Authors. Selected and Revised by Samuel Palmer. (1815)

2   A Sermon Preached to the Protestants of Ireland, Now in London, at Their Anniversary Meeting Commemorating God's Deliverance from the Papist Massacre in 1641. (1709)

3   Devout Meditations from the Christian Oratory, by the Rev. Benjamin Bennet. With an Introduction on Retired Devotion in General. Abridged and Newly Arranged in Four Parts, by Samuel Palmer. First American Edition. To which is added, Extracts from Scougal’s ‘Life of God in the Soul of Man.’ (1819)

4   The Protestant Dissenters Catechism: Containing, I. A Brief History of the Nonconformists: II. The Reasons of the Dissent from the National Church; Designed to Establish and Instruct Young Persons among the Dissenters in the Principles of Nonconformity (1774)

5   The Want of Laborers in the Gospel Harvest Considered and Improved: In a Sermon Preached, on July 30, 1775, on Occasion of the much Lamented Death of the Reverend and Learned Caleb Ashworth 1722-1775. (1775)

1  Sacred Dialogues between a Father and His Children. (1765)

1  Vindiciae or a Treatise of Justification by Faith Delivered in Certain Lectures. (1629)

Pendlebury, Henry (1626-1695)

1   A Plain Representation of Transubstantiation, as it is Received in the Church of Rome: With the Sandy Foundations it is Built Upon and the Arguments that do Clearly Evert and Overturn it. (1687)

2    A Treatise Concerning the Sacrifice of the Mass (Never Before Printed). (1768)

3   Invisible Realities the Christian's Great Concern, To which is Added The Books Opened, With a Memoir of the Author (1816)

4   Select Nonconformists Remains: Original Sermons of Oliver Heywood, Thomas Jollie, Henry Newcome, and Henry Pendlebury, Selected From MMS. with Memoirs of the Authors, by Richard Slate. (1814)

1  A View of some part of such Public Wants and Disorders as are in the Service of God: Within her Majesty’s Country of Wales, together with a Humble Petition, unto this High Court of Parliament for their Speedy Redress, Anno 1588. (1861)

2  John Penry, the Pilgrim Martyr. (1854)

3  The Equity of a Humble Supplication. (1905)

1   A Cloud of Heavenly Witnesses leading to the Heavenly Canaan: or, A Commentary upon the Eleventh Chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrews.

2    A Discourse of Conscience: Wherein is set down the Nature, Properties, and Differences thereof: As also the way to get and Keep Good Consciences. (1596)

3   A Godly and Learned Exposition upon the Sermon on the Mount.

4   A Golden Chain or The Works of William Perkins in One Volume (1600)

5   A Treatise of the Vocations or Callings of Men, with the Sorts and Kinds of them, and the Right Use thereof. (1605)

6   An Exposition of the Symbol or Creed of the Apostles.

7   The Art of Prophesying. First Published in Latin in 1592 and in English in 1606.

8   The Foundation of the Christian Religion gathered into Six Principles.

1   A History of the Rev. Hugh Peters, A.M. Arch-Intendant of the Prerogative Court of Doctors Commons; Member of the Celebrated Assembly of Divines at the Savoy, Westminster; and Principal Chaplain to the Lord Protector and to the Lords and House of Commons, from the Year 1640-1660. With an Appendix. By the Rev. Samuel Peters, L.L.D. 1735-1826. (1807)

2   A Memoir or Defense of Hugh Peters. (1851)

Pickering, Theophilus (1700-1747)

1  The Rev Pickering's letters to the Rev N. Rogers and D. Rogers of Ispwich with their Answer to his First Letter - Exposed to Public View for the Cause of God and Truth. (1742)

Polhill, Edward (1622-1694)

1   A Discourse of Schism. (1824)

2   An Answer to the Discourse of Mr. William Sherlock, Touching the Knowledge of Christ, and our Union and Communion with Him. (1675)

3   An Essay on the Extent of the Death of Christ. (1842)

4   Speculum Theologiae in Christo or a View of Some Divine Truths, Either Practically Exemplified in Jesus Christ, Set Forth in the Gospel, or Reasonably Deduced from Thence. (1678)

5   The Suffering Christian's Companion: A Token for Mourners, by the Rev. John Flavel; Best Preparation for Suffering, by Edward Polhill, Esq.; and Welcome to the Plague and Farewell to Life, by the Rev. Samuel Shaw. (1830)

1    Annotations upon the Holy Bible in Three Volumes Volume 1 (Genesis-Job) (1853)

2    Annotations upon the Holy Bible in Three Volumes Volume 2 (Psalms to Malachi) (1853)

3    Annotations upon the Holy Bible in Three Volumes Volume 3 (Matthew to Revelation) (1852)

4    Annotations upon the Holy Bible in Two Volumes Volume 1 (1700) (Genesis-Isaiah)

5    Annotations upon the Holy Bible in Two Volumes Volume 2 (1700) (Jeremiah-Revelation)

6    Dialogue between a Popish Priest and an English Protestant. (1843)

7    The Nullity of the Romish Faith or a Blow at the Root of the Romish Church. (1667)

1    Life Eternal: or, a Treatise of the Knowledge of the Divine Essence and Attributes. (1631)

2    Mount Ebal: or, A Heavenly Treatise of Divine Love. (1638) (Preston, John, 1587-1628; Preston, John, 1587-1628. Remains of that Reverend and Learned Divine, John Preston..; Preston, John, 1587-1628. Iudas’ repentance: or, the lamentable effects of a startled conscience ..; Preston, John, 1587-1628. Saints spiritual strength ..; Preston, John, 1587-1628. Paul’s conversion: or the right way to be saved ..; Preston, John, 1587-1628. Two godly and learned treatises upon mortification and humiliation; Preston, John, 1587-1628. Lifeless life: or, mans spiritual death in sin ..; Preston, John, 1587-1628. Sermon preached at Lincoln’s-Inne on Gen. XXII, XIV; Preston, John, 1587-1628. Four godly and learned treatises ... delivered in sundry sermons; Preston, John, 1587-1628. Doctrine of the saints infirmities: delivered in several sermons)

3    Remains of John Preston Containing Three Treatises. (1634)

4    Sin’s Overthrow: or, A Godly and Learned Treatise of Mortification…All being the Substance of Several Sermons upon Colossians 3:5. (1641)

5    The Breast Plate of Faith and Love: Delivered in Eighteen Sermons upon Three several Texts. (1630)

6    The Golden Scepter held forth to the Humble: With the Church’s Dignity by her Marriage: and The Church’s Duty in her Carriage. (1638)

7    The Life of the Renowned Doctor Preston by His Pupil Master Thomas Ball (1590-1659) D. D. Minister of North Hampton Written in the Year 1628. (1885)

8    The New Covenant or the Saint's Portion. (1631)

1    A Brief History of the Pequot War. (Mason, John, 1600-1672; Prince, Thomas, 1687-1758) (1736)

2    A Chronological History of New England in the Form of Annals. (1736)

3    A Chronological History of New England in the form of Annals. (1826)

4    A Chronological History of New England in the form of Annals Volume 4 of 5 (1888)

5    An Account of the Revival of Religion in Boston in the Years 1740-1743. (1823)

6    Be Followers of them, who through Faith and Patience Inherit the Promises: A Sermon Occasioned by the Decease of Mrs. Hannah Waldo Fayerweather 1703-1755, of Boston, on Jan. 27, 1755, and delivered at the South Church, the Lord’s Day after. (1755)

7    Extraordinary Events the Doings of God, and Marvelous in Pious Eyes: Illustrated in a Sermon at the South Church in Boston, N. E. on the General Thanksgiving, Thursday, July 18, 1745: Occasioned by the Taking the City of Louisbourg on the Isle of Cape-Breton, by New England Soldiers, Assisted by a British Squadron. (1746)

8   New England’s Memorial (Morton, Nathaniel, 1613-1685; Bradford, William, 1588-1657; Prince, Thomas, 1687-1758; Winslow, Edward, 1595-1655) (1855)

9   The Natural and Moral Government and Agency of God, in Causing Droughts and Rains. (1750)

10  The Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion: or, The Captivity and Deliverance of Rev. John Williams of Deerfield. (Williams, John, 1664-1729; Williams, Stephen, 1693-1782; Prince, Thomas, 1687-1758; Taylor, John, 1762-1840) (1908)

11 The Westminster Assembly's Shorter Catechism Rescued From the Late Reviser. (1738)

1     A Brief Apology for All Non-Subscribers, and a Looking Glass for All...Subscribers of the New Engagement. (1650)

2     A Serious Epistle to Mr. William Prynne. (1649)

3     An Enquiry into the Genuineness of Prynn's Defense of Stage Plays. (1825)

4     Conscientious Serious Theological and Legal Queries

5     Documents Relating to the Proceedings against William Prynne, in 1634 and 1637. With a Biographical Fragment by the Late John Bruce (1877)

6     Hidden Works of Darkness Brought to Public Light or A necessary Introduction to the History of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Trial. (1645)

7     Lord Bishops, none of the Lord's Bishops or A Short Discourse, Wherein is Proved that Prelatic Jurisdiction, is not of Divine Institution (1640)

8     Mr. William Prynn His Defense of Stage Plays

9     The Antipathy of the English Lordly Prelacy, Both to Regal Monarchy, and Civil Unity. (1641)

10   The Church of England's Old Antithesis to New Arminianism. (1629)

11   The Dissonant Harmony of Public Oaths. (1659)

12   The Sovereign Power of Parliaments and Kingdoms - Divided into Four Parts Together with an Appendix. (1643)

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