Pella Tulips 2013

Pella Tulips 2013, continues with more beautiful free tulip pictures from Pella, a Dutch community in south central Iowa is known for its Pella tulips, as well as its annual Tulip Time Festival.

2013 proved to be a very unusual year, again, for the Pella tulips. Last year, the tulips were early, and this year they were fully a month later. Undaunted by the weather, they were determined to burst forth. First they faced the cold spring rains, but glistened forth beautifully, sparkling like diamonds.

Next came the snow. Pella Tulip Time 2013 began with a snow storm. Stubbornly the tulips bloomed in spite of the weather, and produced some very beautiful poses.

Finally, the snow left, and Tulip Time ended, but the Pella Tulips were not done! The rest of the tulip season turned out being one of the most gorgeous ever! Here are just some of the fine tulips that burst forth in May.

For a gallery view of all of the images on this page, just double click any picture and choose the "play" arrow.

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Pella Tulips 2013

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