Reformed Beliefs I

Reformed Beliefs I continues our Online Christian Library with links to the writings of Reformed writers from the 18th, and 19th centuries, including such genres as Presbyterian,  and Baptist, and including such writers as James Inglis, David Irving, and Clarke Irwin.

Reformed Beliefs I

Inglis, James (Presbyterian) (1777-1820)

1               A Discourse Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church. (1814)

2               Sermons of the Late Dr. James Inglis, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Baltimore - with some of his forms of Prayer. Volume 1 (1820)


1               One with Christ in Glory: Thoughts on John 17, with a Revised Version from a Critical Greek Text, and the Authorized Version Illuminated. (1871)

2               The Bible Text Encyclopedia: A Complete Classification of Scripture Texts in the form of an Alphabetical List of Subjects .(1880)

3               The Sabbath School and Bible Teaching. (1850)

4               The Shorter Catechism Popularly Explained; with Questions and Proofs, for the use of Schools and Families. (1853)

5               Way marks in the Wilderness. (1857)

6               Way marks in the Wilderness and Scriptural Guide. Volume 1 (1864)


Irving, David (Presbyterian) (1821-1885)

1               In Memoriam. Rev. David Irving, D. D. Born August 31, 1821. Died October 12, 1885. (1885)


Irwin, Clarke Huston (Presbyterian) (1858-1934)

1               A History of Presbyterianism in Dublin and the South and West of Ireland. (1890)

2               Are the Critics Right? Historical and Critical Considerations Against the Graf-Wellhausen Hypothesis. (1903) (Author: Möller, Wilhelm, 1872-; Irwin, Clarke Huston, 1858-1934)

3               Homiletic Lectures on Preaching. (1897) (Author: Christlieb, Theodor, 1833-1889; Haarbeck, Th., ed; Irwin, Clarke Huston, 1858-1934, tr)


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