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Smith, George (1800-1868)

Methodist Theologians S

1    Elements of Divinity. By George Smith and Revised by Thomas Osmond Summers 1812-1882. (1875)

2    History of Wesleyan Methodism. Volume 1 (Wesley and his Times) (1859)

3    History of Wesleyan Methodism. Volume 2 (The Middle Age) (1859)

4    History of Wesleyan Methodism. Volume 3 (Modern Methodism) (1859)

5    The Cassiterides: An Inquiry into the Commercial Operations of the Phoenicians in Western Europe. (1863)

6    The Gentile Nations: or, The History and Religion of the Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes, Persians, Greeks, and Romans. (1853)

7    The Hebrew People: or, The History and Religion of the Israelites, from the Origin of the Nation to the Time of Christ. (1850)

8    The Patriarchal Age: or, The History and Religion of Mankind, from the Creation to the Death of Isaac. (1847)

9    The Religion of Ancient Britain, Historically Considered. (1846)

10  The Wesleyan Local Preacher's Manual, Being a Series of Lectures on Biblical Science, Theology, Church History, Etc. (1858)

The following is an excerpt from the Preface of The Wesleyan Local Preacher's Manual.

The author avails himself of the usual privilege of a preface, to state in a few words the origin, object, and plan of the present work. 

As indicated in the preceding Dedication, the idea of its production did not originate with himself. He had, indeed, for many years, highly appreciated the position occupied by Local Preachers, and deeply felt the difficulty experienced by many of them in obtaining that amount and kind of biblical and theological knowledge, so necessary for the efficient discharge of their arduous and important duties. But no means occurred to his mind of meeting this difficulty, and supplying the acknowledged want. This was done by his brethren, at the close of some of their regular Quarterly Meetings. They urged that he could deliver a course of Lectures to them on those occasions, on such branches of scriptural and religious knowledge as were more particularly applicable to the wants of Local Preachers, which would be of great service to themselves, and, if published, prove extensively useful to some of their brethren in other parts of the kingdom. Although his judgment did not unite in this sanguine opinion, he felt that the call, so far as it referred to the preparation and delivery of a few Lectures of this kind, was irresistible; and , under a painful sense of the arduous and responsible nature of the task, the course was begun.

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Methodist Theologians S

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