Lords Day 7


Lords Day 7, from the Heidelberg Catechism asks three questions. Are all saved through Christ just as all were lost through Adam? What is true faith? What then must a Christian believe? David Croft has beautifully expressed both these questions as well as their answers in this poetic version from the Heidelberg.


Lords Day 7

Are All Then Saved

Are all then saved through Jesus Christ
As all men were through Adam lost
And did He pay the ransom price
For every sinner, tempest tossed?
No, only those who by true faith
Are grafted to the holy root
Who come to God the living way
Accept His blessings, bearing fruit

What is true faith, which findeth God?
Not only knowledge well assured
That true is every stroke and jot
Of His inspired holy word
But also an assurance deep
Created by the Spirit's grace
Awakened from my sinning sleep
By gospel rays to seek His face

That out of God's sheer grace alone
And earned of Christ, the Lamb of heav'n,
Not others just, but I of one
Am cleared of guilt, my sin forgiv'n
And have been made forever right
Been granted God's salvation whole
A child of God, a son of light
In mind and body, heart and soul

What must a Christian then believe?
In every promised gospel good
The sum of Christianity
Confessed of men and understood
In documented articles
In all the world embraced throughout
In variegated particles
Of faith, a creed beyond all doubt

April 18, 1996 Lords Day 7 Heidelberg Catechism Questions & Answers 20-22 © Copyright 1996 David L. Croft

Lords Day 7 asks ageless questions pondered by men since the beginning of time. Is everyone a Christian? The Bible clearly states that only those who come to faith in Christ are truly Christians. They have seen their need of salvation, for when comparing themselves to God, they see their great sin which has created a gulf between them and God.

What is true faith? Only the Lord Jesus Christ, who was the only sinless man who ever walked this earth, could pay the debt of sin we owed. However, He was not only a perfect man, but He was and is God the Son, who is now seated at the right hand of God the Father. Through the grace of Christ, salvation is freely offered to man. All of those who accept this free gift have true faith and are brought into God's eternal kingdom.

What then must a Christian believe? How do we know all of these things, and how do we know they are true? God has provided His Holy Word, the Bible. In its pages we learn about this faithful God we love and serve and the salvation He has freely provided.

May God bless you as you read through this Heidelberg poetry and see the truths of God opened before you in poetic fashion.

What an amazing God we serve.

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