Lords Day 32

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Lords Day 32 of the Heidelberg Catechism addresses perhaps one of the most critical questions we should consider. How good does one need to be to be a Christian, and how bad must someone be to not be a Christian?


Lords Day 32

Since We All Stand Alone

Since we all stand alone of grace
From chains of dark unfettered sin
Through Him Who suffered in our place
What does our new born striving win?
Our labor lavers, merits, seals,
Nor lendeth glory to the beams
Of Him Who all our sorrows heals
Whose blood both pardons and redeems

But all our gracious garnered breath
Belongs to Christ Whose Spirit fells
The body of our waking death
And tunes the harps in which He dwells
To sweetly hymn a life of praise
An altar of undying thanks
A savor draped of mortal clays
To draw to Christ the wayward ranks

Can those be saved who do not turn
To God from their ungrateful ways
Within whose hardened harbor burns
Impenitent unholy lays?
By no means, Scripture says no thief,
Unchaste unclean or idol sod
Nor sinners stayed in unbelief
Shall see the kingdom of our God

September 11, 1998
Lords Day 32 Heidelberg Catechism
Questions & Answers 86 & 87
© Copyright 1998 David L. Croft

Notice that the title David Croft used on his poetic version of the 32nd Lords Day is, "Since We All Stand Alone." In the end, that is the truth that each of us must understand.

Becoming a Christian is not just about believing there is a God. The devils believe there is a God, and they tremble, but that does not make them believers. Also, becoming a Christian is not about outward appearances.

In the end, true faith comes from the heart. With the heart one believes in Christ and accepts His payment for their salvation. The consequent love that flows from the new believer's heart to Christ will result in a great desire to faithfully love and serve God in obedience to His commandments. Though they may stumble because of besetting sins, still their heart will always turn to Christ for help.

There is no other way to God but through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. True faith will result in true obedience from the heart. Since we all stand alone, we all must address this issue. However, in Christ, we will never stand alone again, as He will always be with us!

What an amazing God we serve!

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