Lords Day 1

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Lords Day 1, from the Heidelberg Catechism Poetry by David L. Croft, is entitled "What Comfort Stills."


Lords Day 1

What Comfort Stills

What comfort stills this anxious breast
Of tempest rent and trial torn
What anchor finds this pilgrim rest,
This son of dust, of woman born
What animates this fleeting breath
With hope as solid as the grave
What soothes the certain sting of death
With balm invincible to save?

That I, with all this life affords,
No corner hidden or exempt,
Am bound with everlasting cords
Not human striving or attempt
To Him who holds the universe
Who reigns in blessèd paradise
Who ransoms sinners from the curse
To Jesus "the anointed" Christ

The ransom that He paid for me,
His infinitely precious blood,
Destroyed the devil's tyranny
And rendered peace where justice stood
He also watches over me
In such a way that not a thread
But by the Father's own decree
Can fall from my belovèd head

In fact all things must work for good
Must only my salvation serve
Because I am a child of God
He charts my course to never swerve
And by the Holy Spirit's voice
Assures me of eternal life
Makes loving Him my willing choice
In joy or sorrow, calm or strife

What heav'nly wisdom must I know
To live this comfort, die this peace?
Three things, the first, my greatest foe
My depth of sin and misery
The second, how I am set free
From all my misery and sin
The third, how I live thankfully
To my Creator, Savior, Friend

April 9, 1996
Lord's Day 1 Heidelberg Catechism Questions & Answers 1 & 2
© Copyright 1996 David L. Croft

Lords Day 1 begins with the beautiful hope we have in God; through Him comes all comfort and peace. Indeed, we are bound to Christ with everlasting cords which cannot be broken by mere human attempt.

How is this possible? Through the ransom Christ paid we are forever knit to the Father's hand and held there, forever, by His own decree!

What things do we need to understand to access this free salvation? We need to understand the depth of our sin and misery, we need to understand that Christ sets us free from that sin and misery, and we then understand that our only requirement is to live thankfully to our Creator, Savior, and Friend!

What marvelous truths presented in such poetic beauty!

Lords Day 1

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