Lords Day 25

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The Heidelberg Catechism, Lords Day 25, as presented in this poetic version by David Croft, tells us where our faith comes from, and speaks of the sacraments and their perfect focus on the one sacrifice of Christ which was finished on the cross.


Lords Day 25

What Fount of Life

What fount of life, of latter rain
What chalice of unmingled mirth
In Christ where even death is gain
Produces faith and second birth?
The Spirit sent from heav'n imparts
By gospel heralds' holy rays
Then seals true faith in human hearts
Through holy sacramental stays

What harp of holy heaven's bliss
Are sacraments, my blessèd friend?
The Father's signet sealing kiss
The looking glass He lendeth men
That faith unveiled might better see
Through warring flesh and temp'ral dark
The path unto eternity
The sacred promised gospel ark

To this God's oath is firmly pressed
Engrav'n in scarlet, flesh, and wood
To all His children Sabbath rest
Eternal and unblemished good
That craves but this atoning price
To save us from eternal loss
The Lamb's one perfect sacrifice
The work He finished on the cross

Are twain the word and sacrament
Bequeathed to teach the sons of grace
The ground of our medicament
Regales in Christ's once wounded face?
Yea, verily, my catechist
Belovèd tutor, son of light
Upon thy query, I enlist
The Holy Word and answer, Right!

The sacraments assure and teach
On Christ's one sacrifice is stayed
Of which God's gospel servants preach
A kingdom that will never fade
How many sacraments did, then
Christ in His death and glory will?
But two, the Lord's blessed Supper, and
Baptism, God's own holy seal

March 23, 1997
Lord's Day 25 Heidelberg Catechism Questions & Answers 65-68
© Copyright 1997 David L. Croft

Why does the church of God observe sacraments? What is their purpose? David Croft addresses these question in this poetic version of Lords Day 25, of the Heidelberg Catechism, reminding us that our faith is produced in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit sent from heav'n imparts
By gospel heralds' holy rays
Then seals true faith in human hearts
Through holy sacramental stays

There, we also find the purpose of the sacraments, which were instituted by God so that our use of them will help us to understand our forgiveness of sins and the promised eternal life. Both sacraments, The Lord's Supper, and baptism, present a graphic example of all that Christ has done for us, showing that His sacrifice on the cross is our only grounds upon which we can base our salvation.

What an amazing God we serve!

Lords Day 25

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