Lords Day 20

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Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do for me? Lords Day 20 of the Heidelberg Catechism addresses this question poetically in this poem by David Croft.


Lords Day 20

Declare My Friend

Declare, my friend, your living faith
That in the Holy Spirit dwells?
Immortal, coeternal, with
The Father and the Son as well
Third person of the Trinity
In substance, essence, attributes
Essential, true Divinity
Is He, unformed, and absolute

And though, as Sovereign God, He lives
He dwells within this mortal breast
New life, true faith, He freely gives
In Christ where I am treble blessed
He ever sweetly comforts me
And leads me in the way that's best
And shall unto eternity
My faithful God in Whom I rest

July 2, 1996
Lord's Day 20 Heidelberg Question & Answer 53
© Copyright 1996 David L. Croft

What do you believe concerning the Holy Spirit? The 20th Lords Day, in this beautiful poetic rendition by David Croft, answers that question.

The Holy Spirit, the third person in the Triune Godhead, is, like the Father and the Son, Divine. As a special Gift to the children of God, He personally comforts them and makes them share in Christ and all of His blessings. Though He may be the One in Whom we are least familiar, yet it is He who lives within us forever. His comfortable Presence lives in our hearts and guides us in our knowledge and understanding of who we are and grants us Biblical understanding so that we may grow more and more like Christ every day of our walk upon this earth.

What a comfort to the believer to understand that he is not left alone. The Holy Spirit is our constant Guide Who watches over our very souls and gives us understanding of His Holy Word. We should not be surprised when those of the world do not understand the things of God, for such would we be without the aid of the Holy Spirit.

Oh how God loves us to grant such a Helper and Guide to show us the way to God! May we constantly give all honor and praise to our wondrous God!

Lords Day 20

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