Lords Day 17

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In this beautiful poetic presentation by David Croft, Lords Day 17 of the Heidelberg Catechism discusses the importance of the resurrection of Christ. Does it really matter that Christ was resurrected? Our very hope of Christ coming again and taking us to be with Him forever rests upon the resurrection. What a wondrous God we serve, who is not bound by the natural boundaries of this earth. Indeed, He who created this earth is certainly not limited by it as are we!


Lords Day 17

How Doth His Triumph

How doth His triumph over death
Who mortal slept immortal raised
To we whom Christ's love cherisheth
Increase our comforts many ways?
In numbering our blessings, first
His resurrection victory
Where He for all His chosen cursed
Predestinated progeny

Disarmed the dark infernal host
And crushed the evil serpent's head
Who in their fallen frenzied boast
But bruised Him as His prophets said
Then granted from His treasury
An entrance to the holy place
Imputed without measuring
His righteousness, our font of grace

And, second, by His power we
Engrafted to our Living Root
In even this world's poverty
Though faltering and destitute
Are born of that which perishes
Not even in death's earthen rest
But lives by Him who cherishes
Whose ways are peace, Whose paths are blessed

Then since if Christ still slumbered yet
We were of all, most sorry men
Whose hope were vanity and debt
But He doth live, and so I then
Declare as third this verity
Our resurrection well assured
Of God's own gracious guarantee
Who keeps His never broken word

May 13, 1996
Lords Day 17 Heidelberg Catechism Question & Answer 45
© Copyright 1996 David L. Croft

Oh what a glorious truth that the Lord Jesus Christ not only suffered and died, but by His own power, was resurrected on the third day. In that fashion He secured forever our eternal hope of our own resurrection and eternal life with Him in heaven forever. This Lords Day of the Heidelberg Catechism, as represented here by David Croft's beautiful poem, reminds us that by His resurrection Christ overcame death. Not only was He able to resurrect Himself, but we, too, will be resurrected to a new life in Him. David closes this beautiful poem with these words: But He doth live, and so I then, Declare as third this verity, Our resurrection well assured, Of God's own gracious guarantee, Who keeps His never broken word.

It is in that perfect, never broken Word, we rest our eternal hope and joy!

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