Where Will I Live Poem

This Where Will I Live Poem answers a critical question for teens today. It complements a Teen Devotional by the same title.

Where Will I Live?

Where will I live when I’m older than now?
What will I do when the choices are mine?
How will I serve God, to Him always bow?
How will I manage my sins to resign?

All things that I do at home or at work,
Is part of my service to God and man.
My actions, my path from God cannot shirk
For God owns my life, I’m part of His plan.

Oh God, help me serve you from this day forth.
To always be faithful; your Word obey.
You made me yourself, and You gave me worth.
Keep me faithful to You, oh Lord I pray.

God is my true Rock, my Fortress, my Might.
His Word is my comfort, my soul’s relief,
He walks with me daily in dark or light
Forever to keep me from fear and grief.

Oh God I love you, I fall at your feet.
You are King of all Kings, Lord of all Lords.
I worship you God, I’m in You complete,
My Master, my Friend, Word of all Words.

©Linda Croft June, 2006

Our teen years are some of the best years of our lives, but also, unfortunately, some of the worst years of our lives. Why is that? Perhaps it is because we, as teens, are coming to the realization that all things will not continue indefinitely as they are now! These school years are coming to an end--and then what?

We find ourselves battling with our authorities for control, one minute, and then wanting to shelve all responsibilities the next. What are we to do?

Now is the time to develop the habit of going to the Lord with our joys and our sorrows. He is our Lord over the good as well as the bad. As we think into the future, we realize that, though we do not know the answers to questions of the future, such as where will I live, God has all things under control.

Just as expressed in this, Where Will I Live poem, God is our King of Kings and Lord of all Lords. We worship Him alone, and in Him we are complete--and that makes all the difference!

God Bless You,


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