Hour Has Not Come

"My hour has not come." Jesus' words to Mary seemed somewhat curt. To what is He referring, and what prompted Jesus to say these words? This devotion is a continuation of the series of devotions, "Words of Christ."

4 Jesus said to her, “Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me? My hour has not yet come. . . . Fill the waterpots with water. . . Draw some out now, and take it to the master of the feast.”

John 2:4, 7, and 8, NKJV

Hour Has Not Come

My hour has not come. This devotion is a continuation of a series of devotions called, "Words of Christ." In other pages of this site, this verse has been used in the Gospel of John series. However, in this series, we will be thinking more of the actual words which Christ spoke rather than the occasion, in this case, in which these words were set.

In John 2, we find Jesus early in His ministry here on earth. He and His disciples joined His mother, Mary, at a wedding in Cana of Galilee. I would encourage you to read the devotion, Jesus First Miracle, where more details as to the occasion of this miracle are given.

Jesus said, in verse 4, "Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me? My hour has not yet come."

These words seem, at first, to be a rather curt reproach of Jesus to Mary, His mother. However, Jesus was not being rude. He was stating what was to Him, a rather obvious fact. Jesus came to this earth for one reason, and His entire life was focused on that mission. He was here, as the Son of God, to live a perfect and holy life, and then die on the cross to save a people for God. Never did He divert Himself from that mission.

His words to Mary illustrate to us that the timing of His entire ministry was not His own timing, but God's timing. God sent Christ here in the fullness of time. In other words, Christ was born at exactly the year, day, time, and even moment that God ordained Him to be born. His earthly ministry--introduced by John the Baptist--also occurred in the fullness of time--exactly at the time God ordained for it to happen.

In speaking these words to Mary, He was saying, "It is God who orders my life. I have come here in obedience to those commands." It was God, and not Mary or any other person who ordered His life. After having said that, however, we will note that Jesus did do a rather amazing miracle.

He commanded the servants to fill six water pots, containing twenty or thirty gallons each, with water. Then, He told the servants to serve it to the master of the feast. We could make many assumptions not directly drawn from this text, however, I prefer to stay with the direct words of the text, and not drawn conclusions which may or may not be proper.

When the wine was served to the master of the feast, he was amazed at the quality of the wine--aged and not new! Jesus, the Creator of the world, had no trouble creating aged wine from the water. After all, He created the world from nothing.

This Creator God, Jesus, is our Lord and Savior. How prone we are to live our lives in worry and dismay over the course of our lifetimes. Yet, how much more peaceable would our lives be if we simply trusted our great and wondrous Lord and Savior. Is anything too difficult for Him? Is there anything we can do which would so remove ourselves from Him that He is not able to come to our aid? No!

As we work through these devotions on the Words of Christ, let us pray that we will grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us pray that our lives will become immersed in Him--that we may shine as bright lights before those who are lost in the darkness of this world.

My Hour has not come! Has the hour of our salvation come? Let us pray that we will spend our lives loving and serving our great, holy, and wondrous God.

God Bless You,


Hour Has Not Come

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