Wedding Song

Wedding Song is a wedding poem, continuing in the series of Christian Inspirational Poetry, and is written in classical style. This wedding poetry celebrates the union of a man and woman before God. This particular wedding poem was written to celebrate the wedding of my niece and nephew in April, 1996.

Wedding Song
by David L. Croft

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Genesis 2:24

Come gathered friends and enter in
Our festal celebration
As we rejoice to covenant
Our nuptial confirmation
Come Spirit seal this trothèd love
This union you have given
That it may be a portrait of
The marriage feast of heaven

Come morning of my soul's delight
Of all Eve's daughters, fairest
Come sonnet of each waking night
Of Eden's gardens rarest
And from this solitary life
As twain to one are blending
I promise you, adorèd wife
A love that's never ending

Come darling prince and only love
Outstanding of ten thousand
Whose eyes like lovely mated doves
Whose form like jewels chosen
Awakens in this fainting breast
This love's desire's token
Forever in your shade to rest
In unity unbroken

May He who formed the two of one
And blessed in the beginning
Our parents when the world was young
In Eden's regal wedding
Endow our loving harmony,
His mercies there attending,
With faithfulness and charity
Until our journey's ending

A wedding song for James Maurice Radden
and Marsha Ann Thurnau Radden
©April 3, 1996 David L. Croft

Wedding Song

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