Good Master

Good Master is another poem in the series of Inspirational Christian poetry taken from Mark 10, where a young man asks Jesus what he must do to meet the Lord of heaven and be found in Him complete. The Lord tells him to give his riches away. Jesus is teaching him that all of man’s finest striving is as filth in God’s pure light.

Good Master
by David L. Croft

Good Master what thing am I wanting
That I may with favor meet
The Lord of heaven without vaunting
Empty boasts and vain conceit
All my life I've ardent labored
To be found in Him complete

One thing you in your whole endeavor
Lack, and lacking must not this
Take all your earthly goods together
Mind the poor in their distress
Sell your bosom mammon idol
If by law you'll enter bliss

The law was given for good purpose
Unto men who dwell below
It reaches deeply as the curse is
So they their condition know
Lighting every darkened corner
With it's ever searching glow

Not one man born of woman mortal
Still in Adam's helpless plight
Will enter heaven's holy portal
Sin has sealed eternal night
All men's finest fairest striving
Is as filth in God's pure light

My children to my words be cleaving
Things impossible to man
As turning from sin and believing
Come from God's own loving hand
And He keeps all He has chosen
Safe abiding to the end

March 18, 1996
Based on: Mark 10:17-27
© 1996 David L. Croft

The question we must all ask ourselves is this: am I, too, like this young man? Do I think I have met the requirements for heaven based upon my own actions? May we all come to the realization that, apart from Christ, there is no salvation. As the last stanza of this poem reminds us, let us cleave to God's Words, believing things that are impossible to man. May we turn from our own sin and come to God's own loving hand where we will be "safe abiding to the end!"

How lovely are the Words of Christ as found in the Gospels where He continually reaches to those who are truly lost. May we see in them our own needs. May we not be found like the religious rulers of Christ's day who saw no need of salvation.

Good Master

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